Internship Prospectus | Page 9

“ Something that I will always cherish about my internship year is a community of people who loved and encouraged me, but also pushed and challenged me. I not only learnt more about myself, the Bible and how to be a leader, but I also learnt what it meant for my life and how I can use the things I learnt, to grow and continue growing. I have now begun my first year of Bible College at Planetshakers College where I have been able to continue growing from the solid roots I established in my internship year as well as combine my love of ministry, music and people ” CRYSTAL 2019 INTERNSHIP “ The Internship helped me to learn new ways that God was present in my life and the lives of those around me by sharing my experiences, past and present, and to hear their experiences too. Being able to see the massive amount of work and energy that is put into each camp by the staff was amazing. This also helped in building my confidence in communication and presentation which led me to now work at the CYC Phillip Island Adventure Resort as a programmer running the activities and hosting groups on site ” JEREMY 2017 INTERNSHIP