Internship Prospectus - Page 7

2. Study with eastern college 3. the internship community Through our partnership with Eastern College Australia, interns will also complete a one-year Diploma of Arts, specialising in Christian Ministry. Subjects will explore the big questions around who God is, understanding the Bible, as well as what that means to live faith out in everyday life. Interns will also engage in spiritual formation, based around small group engagement, personal mentoring and supervision, as well as reflection on their own faith, and how that can impact and shape their ministry roles on camp. Subjects available include: LIVING IN CHRIST FOUNDATIONS FOR FAITH INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE LEADERSHIP LITERATURE AND WORLDVIEW INTERNSHIP REFLECTIONS For more information about Eastern College Australia, or about particular subject content check out: One of the best parts about the being a part of the CYC Internship is the ability to journey through a year with a small group of people in a similar life stage to you. As a group we will engage in “hands on” ministry experience, leadership development, as well as attending seminars and conferences with staff. The fun, growth and support you will experience is simply the best way to engage in formation. COMMITMENTS • Weekly classes at Eastern College Australia as per timetable (aprox. 2 days a week) • Weekly Intern day at the CYC Ministries offices • Start of year Intern Retreat • Volunteering on at least two Holiday Camps throughout the year • Engaging in mentoring and supervision • Opportunity to attend conferences or seminars with CYC Staff