Internship Prospectus - Page 4

not sure what’s next? The CYC Ministries Internship is a gap year program designed for young leaders aged 18-23. This stage of life is crucial to young people in developing their sense of self and their faith at the same time that they are being encouraged to make significant life choices. The Internship is designed to support participants, encouraging them to build strong foundations for all of life. The Internship seeks to engage participants in ongoing personal formation, a deeper understanding of their faith, as well as the development of practical leadership and ministry experience. This will occur through class and small group discussions, practical Biblical engagement as well as working alongside our awesome staff team one-on-one as they make Holiday Camps happen. CYC Ministries is a non-profit Christian organisation responsible for running over 45 camps and events each year; including Holiday Camps for Primary and Teen aged young people as well as leadership development camps and events, all held at our five campsites across Victoria. Through this, we are not only are we be able to share the gospel with thousands of young people and families through our camps, but we are also committed to the development of emerging leaders. We seek to train, develop and grow followers of Jesus that are passion about serving through leadership, by offering the opportunity for growth and development through involvement with Holiday Camps.