Internship Prospectus - Page 11

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT FOR THE INTERNSHIP? The internship will primarily parallel the Semester dates of Eastern College Australia, running from the beginning of February through to mid-November. This will include a retreat at the start of the year, approximately two days a week of class, one full day with CYC Ministries staff (three days of contact), as well as additional hours of study. It is also expected that interns will attend in 2 Holiday Camps throughout the year as part of their commitment. WILL I LIVE ON SITE? No, apart from attendance at the retreat and camp periods, this is not a live-in internship. You will be required to organise your own living arrangements. If you have any concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! DO I RECIEVE AN INCOME FOR BEING PART OF THE INTERNSHIP? No, the CYC Ministries Internship is a study-based Internship with a Volunteer placement component. CAN I GET WORK AT THE CAMPSITE ALONGSIDE MY INTERNSHIP? WHERE IS IT LOCATED? The CYC Ministries Internship is based primarily out of the CYC Ministries offices in Wantirna, Victoria. We are also based on the same site as Eastern College Australia, which will be the location for all classes. Because the CYC Ministries Internship is based at the CYC Ministries offices not at one of our campsites, we are not able to offer work at any of our five sites. However, if you are looking for work, we can happily put you in touch with one of our Site Managers to discuss what positions they may have available.