Internet Learning Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2014 - Page 24

Internet Learning Practices Elements Text formatting Best Practices • Use tag for abbreviations or acronyms • Use em for size instead of px (em is resizable, px is not) Equations • Use HTML codes for symbols when possible • If not possible to use HTML codes (complex equations), add equation as image with proper alt text tag of text form of equation Links • Use destination description as link title, not the URL • If link opens to PDF, video, audio file, etc. include file type and size Tables • Only use tables for data, not design • Use tag to describe table data • Use (table header) tag to signify column headings Scanned PDFs • Find text-based version of PDF or scan a copy of the PDF (or original work) using an OCR (optical character recognition) software program Media • Provide text-only copies of media Table 2. Examples of Standard 8.4 Elements and Best Practices 23