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arrie Madeline has been nominated for an

Arlene award after a spectacular three-year

joruney with Internet Hollywood. She is the

first model to ever get featured on the front

cover of a Internet Hollywood magazine. She is currently the second most published female model in Internet Hollywood. She leads in second place with 23 publications! What's even far more cooler about her feature is the pictures that were taken by William Joseph. Instead of using random pictures the two booked their own shoot for the Internet Hollywood magazine! I don't see it getting cooler than that!


"Carrie Madeline has been through so much and still manages to find the strength from within to stay strong through it. I wish people could see how hard she tries. It's what I seen that made me want her as our cover girl." - Prince Vega

"Follow your dreams. If you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life."

- Carrie Madeline