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sabel Vinson is the

first sensation to

make history in

Internet Hollywood. after becoming Prince Vega's first model. The model will be written in Internet Hollywood history books and will be stored there for everyone to read forever and after. The history book of Internet Hollywood which is also known as Arlene Diaries, is the record keeper to all of Internet Hollywood most memorable moment.

Vinson was the first of her kind to be published on Internet Hollywood. She has influenced a great deal of people and has used a lot of her own resources to help upcoming models establish themselves independently. Her hard work ethic and willingness to actively particpate in shoots has seperated her from a lane that other models may have trouble crossing. Vinson's leadership is unquestionably great. Throughout her career she has stood up and fought for models with pride and everyone loves her for it! It's safe to say that Isabel Vinson is just all around awesome no matter how you slice it. She is also helping Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega organize Internet Hollywood' parties. Her growing career is equally matched with her rise to influencing some of Internet Hollywood's most important panels. She was just appointed committee chairman of Internet Hollywood's voting panel.

"isabel vinson symbolizes the strength that carries weakness through the dark holeS of sorrow. she's THE CONQUEROR OF OF HER FEARS AND THE INNOVATOR OF A BRAND NEW MESSAGE."