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There are many ways to interpret someones characteristics in a world where ideologies are driven by strong emotions. We tend to find ourselves holding onto the band wagon of hope while not knowing the driving force behind the wheel that steers the message. That is what I learned in my interview with Internet Hollywood's #1 model Tygeria. Here's some amazing moments from our interview.

Believing things without seeing blinds the perception of reality, without proof we attach our emotions to never ending ideologies .



Failure & Fear

"I don't worry about that. People will always like you and some people will dislike you. That's just how the world is. My biggest fair is failing. I don't like to fail at anything, but sometimes it must happen in order to grow."

Passing 1 Million Followers

"I was excited. I was happy to have four hundred. The fact that anyone follows me and like what I do as a model makes me feel good. True followers are better than millions."

Tygeria (model) vs Tygeria (person)

"I do feel Tygeria the model and Tygeria the person are different people sometimes. People look at me online and have a perception of me. They think she must be wild and sleep with multiple people or dumb. The Tygeria at home is a mom cooking meals for my kiddo, helping my family or volunteering for charities."

she continued:

"I use to write about love

and had a big following

and then I decided to

modeling full time so

things change."

Mastering Her Craft

"I feel like I have done really well in the social media world. I am very happy with Internet Hollywood and thankful they chose me.

I have learned a lot

about business and

the media world. I'm

thankful for everyne

who believed in me."

Tips For Upcoming Models

"Everyone has to start somewhere. You might not get paid while making a portfolio, but it will perfect your craft and make you a better model and have a wide range portfolio. When you are good at what you do and in love with what you do money will come."