Internet Hollywood 1 - Page 15

1. Internet Hollywood party

Month: April

2. Prince Vega's new mixtape

Date: April 8th

3. Arlene Diaries (book)

Date: February 28th

he plans for Internet Hollywood is something

worth talking about. Beautiful girls like Nysha

and Dasia are finding new homes at Internet

Hollywood and we are happy to have them.

All Internet Hollywood sensations will be feaured in a lot of fan and exciting projects coming up on our website. One of the exciting projects is a book Prince Vega is writing that will include characters that he will be dedicating to Internet Hollywood starting on February 28th. He will be releasing chapters on Internet Hollywood. Prince Vega will also be releasing a mixtape on April 8th. The digital music album will also include radio drops and interviews from Internet Hollywood sensations. The date for Internet Hollywood's first party has not been revealed yet.



what's COMING


Prince Vega is gearing up for the release Internet Hollywood's first digital music project. The music project consist of 18 tracks that will also include radio drops and interviews from some of Internet Hollywood's most popular sensations. This will be the first time Prince Vega has ever released a solo digital music project. The Internet Hollywood founder had put his music to the side to focus on building Internet Hollywood to help people all over the world establish connections to help conquer their dreams. The digita music project is set to be released on April 8th. Prince Vega will also be performing new songs from the digital music project at Internet Hollywood's first party in Worcester, Massachusetts in April!