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year. Her official debut date was on January 06, 2016. Since then she has became good friends with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega who has stated many times that he adores her and will always support her career as long as he's living.

"Gloria Conroy is an incredible human being with so much talent and potential. She's so perfect and inspiring to the degree that it's hard to ignore. She embodies the meaning of Internet Hollywood." - Prince Vega

onroy is a brave human being

with a huge heart that she shares

to a world in great need of one. She

is a remarkable person with a unique

mind and strong personality that will open the hearts of anyone she talks to. She has

been an amazing contributor to Internet Hollywood and have helped Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega on numerous occasions, there was a time her contribution saved Internet Hollywood's stream from crashing! It's things like that that has made her such a respected figure in our digital universe.

Her influence is so strong that members of Prince Vega's voting panel believes Conroy will

become one of the faces of Internet Hollywood in the future. She first made her debut after posting a selfie of herself in a bikini early last


Gloria Conroy is the first Colombian to become a model in Internet Hollywood. She's an Arlene award nominee who has been published in Internet Hollywood 8 times!