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Q: Hello Melissa! First off, I wanted to say that you're awesome and we love you here at Internet Hollywood. Recently, you published some stunning pictures of Dani Elise, Hayley Cartwright, Anafia Rose, Kelsey Smith, Nikki Smith and Mary Regina from a shoot took place over the past week. The variety of different styles you chose to bring this incredible masterpiece to life with is eye catching. How did this amazing shoot come together? Who called who?

Morris: I have always loved glitter, it's such a fun medium to play in, it's sparkly and accents already gorgeous features by adding highlights and contrasts. And all the fun things you can do with it. I put out a casting call in my private planning group, and got quite a bit of interest, so we picked a few girls this time who were free on this date. We already have another date set, with at least two to three more future dates set. This an ongoing project. Glitter NEVER goes out of style. For me, I have personally been doing this glitter project for at least 4 years now, with models out of my home studio. I have just recently branched out to bigger and better arenas and talents. It's a huge personal project and I hope to keep making it bigger and better with the additions of more specialty items such as props, special effects and other touches each individual model brings to their session.

Q: Were there any worries leading up to this shoot? Did you ever think for a second things weren't going to go as planned?

Morris: I feel as a photographer or as anyone working on a project with a team, you always get nervous that something may go wrong, but the team I had in place for this was flawless. We even had a puppy visitor who was on her best puppy behavior and took some amazing images with the girls. Hayley 's golden doodle Nirvana stopped by to hang out with us briefly and was a real treat, well behaved and an absolute joy for the girls. So, even the unexpected was handled with ease.

Q: Were there any photos from the shoot you took that you weren't interested in enough to publish?

Morris: I'm not finished editing the set, those were just initial teasers for now, there are so many amazing shots from the day, the girls will be showing off images soon.

~The End~

MUA: Kelsey Smith | Hair: Jessica Gomez | Mary's Headpiece by Goldie Redd