International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 57 | Page 16

Y ou live your life by time. Time to get up, time to take the children to school, time to get to the office, time to get to the shops before they shut, time to pay the bills, time to get to gym class. In fact, if we allow it, time directs our lives and we just go along with the ride. It can seem that life is just one long timetable. We all reach a point when we just want to break free, throw away the timekeeper, and just be. We may then start to think about things we can do for ourselves, but if we are not careful we find ourselves back in the cycle of struggling to find “time” to be free! If you really want to find time, rediscover yourself, your dreams, goals and ambitions, you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone. You need to remove the stress that time and routine create in order to find the space to be free. Ryan Patterson and Nianna Bray are the couple behind Away Inward Retreats, you can read more about them on their website, a boutique travel company created to offer you an opportunity to experience the fullness of life through travel, cultural immersion, wellness and self-reflection as you step out of your normal routine. This is a perfect opportunity to nourish your mind and all your senses to begin the process of healing, which every “body” needs to keep healthy and happy.