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EU ban on new internal combustion engine cars and vans from 2035

AUG / SEPT ’ 22 ISSUE # 168



The European Union has reinforced its plans to end the sale of combustionengined cars and vans by 2035 as part of its 2050 carbon-neutrality plan . The EU came up with the schedule last year , but has now reinforced it by dismissing a protest from member states including Portugal , Bulgaria , Romania , Slovakia and Italy to delay the cut-off date until 2040 , giving more time for manufacturers and infrastructures to adapt . Although the current version of the EU ' s ' Fit for 55 ' plan - which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55 % by 2030 compared to 1990 , and hit carbon neutrality by 2050 - envisions an outright end to the sale of new vehicles with combustion engines , the door is still open for the adoption of other carbon-neutral fuelled engines and platforms , rather than pure electric power . By 2035 , the target is to reduce CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 100 %, in other words to end all carbon dioxide emission from them . That means
hydrogen-fuelled combustion engines , which emit water vapour ( along with some oxides of nitrogen , preventing them from being classed as ' zeroemissions '), could qualify . In theory , so too could the use of ' synth gas ' under appropriate circumstances .
A date of 2026 is set to for n assessment of the progress towards the 100 % CO2 emissions reduction . While sceptical of the technology at present , the EU will also revisit the idea of synthetic e-fuels - petrol replacements made using carbon capture technology , allowing conventional combustion engines to
become net-zero in their carbon emission despite still emitting tailpipe CO2 - in 2026 . Several car makers , including Porsche , are backing the idea of e-fuels ( as have Bosch and Volkswagen Audi at various stages ), and recent tech has even seen prototype ' fuel from air ' manufacturing , using sunlight and CO2 scavenged from the air to create liquid carbon fuels . Such systems could essentially make current vehicles carbon-neutral , as well as allowing the sale of combustion engined cars and vans after the 2035 cut-off date , and don ' t have the same mining and manufacturing impact on the environment as battery-power . To allow these e-fuel-using engines , the EU will have to reword its proposed 2035 rules to remove the emphasis on ' tailpipe ' emissions . For motorcycles , there ' s still no official EU cut-off date for CO2 emissions . They contribute relatively little greenhouse emissions overall , and appear to be as such are less of a priority .



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