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MIVV Euro 5 options for 1290 Super Duke R

Delta Race
Italian exhaust specialist MIVV has launched a power-boosting Euro 5 slip-on for the KTM 1290 Super Duke R . Available in single and double configuration , the new MIVV X-M5 for muscular naked sports bikes can replace the stock muffler with a choice of model-specific solutions from MIVV , each designed for the 1,301 cc LC8 twin cylinder engine , simply slipping it directly onto the original manifold . The company ' s Delta Race mufflers in carbon and stainless steel versions , and the new X-M5 in titanium , are stand-outs that add great looks as well as increased power . The X-M5 is available in single or in double configuration with underseat exiting . The Delta Race silencer has a central body in carbon with a glossy finish or , alternatively , in brushed stainless steel to obtain a " pearled " effect . The exclusive shape that goes from conical to hexagonal and important details such as the 3k twill carbon end cap , double riveted perimeter bracket and solid machined inlet bushing make the Delta Race a great looking addition . Mounted on the Super Duke R , the Delta Race delivers + 2.2 hp of maximum power at 10,000 rpm ; + 1.20 Nm of maximum torque at
8,400 rpm and a weight saving of 1.70 kg . The dyno chart highlights a further " flicker " of torque / power in the midrange between 6,000 and 6,500 rpm . The X-M5 in titanium is the latest addition to the MIVV exhaust range , and " raises the bar for performance and significant weight savings ". The X- M5 has a streamlined central body , with a conical shape , made of grade 1 titanium . The aesthetic finish with a " pearled " effect is the result of a special manufacturing process . The silencer is equipped with a 3K twill carbon end cap closed by a removable protective grill that hides the dB killer . It delivers + 2.90 hp of maximum power at 9,900 rpm , + 1.70 Nm of maximum torque at 8,200 rpm and - 1.70 kg weight saving . Along the delivery curve , the highest values are accompanied by a much higher performance from 5,500 to 7,500 rpm . The underseat exit version of the X-M5 sees a bit of maximum torque and power decrease (+ 1.30 hp at 10,000 rpm , + 0.80 Nm at 8,500 rpm ) due to the flow-friendly design and lower weight when compared to the single exit standard silencer . To improve performance still further , MIVV recommends remapping the ECU ; the map configuration will be available online . MIVV S . P . A . Sant ' Omero ( TE ), ITALY Tel : + 39 0861 8120237 moto @ mivv . it www . mivv . com