International Dealer News 163 Oc/Nov 2021 IDN163 Oct/Nov 2021 | Page 44


Versatile new battery multi-charging station for dealers

BS Battery has responded to the increasing demand for SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid ) and lithium battery technologies in the motorcycle , scooter and wider powersports markets by developing a new ' prograde ' battery charging station for its dealers . The all-new BK 20 charger and its accessories is " an essential tool for BS dealers as they can fix one to two BK 20 chargers onto a BS display , meaning that professionals will be able to store , activate , charge , maintain and recharge all batteries before installing , shipping or selling ". Dedicated for both SLA and lithium batteries and designed with an advanced microprocessor , the allnew BK 20 is a 6V and 12V automatic smart battery charger and maintainer rated at 2A with battery capacity up to 40Ah - enabling it to charge and maintain three batteries with different voltages and technologies simultaneously . It includes an exhaustive charging programme with two selectable modes and nine charging steps . The reconditioning function is also a valuable and versatile additional feature for shop use as " dead " lead-acid batteries or low voltage lithium batteries can be reactivated or restored . Described as " effective and powerful ", the BK 20 is designed to " ensure optimal charging performances for all powersport battery technologies , with a 6V / 12V switch mode ," according to founder and CEO Benjamin Sebban . " The all-new BK 20 is also one of the most powerful and highest-performing BS chargers - enabling dealers to charge and maintain all battery sizes . The BK 20 and its component parts make life easier for our dealers as it saves loading time of batteries and charges different battery types . This big improvement is ideal for our network and offers a new , modern and efficient way to charge and maintain batteries safely ."
BS BATTERY SAS Paris , FRANCE Tel : +( 33 ) 1 83 62 45 60 sales @ bs-battery . com www . bs-battery . com

' Tucson ' jeans

Available for men and women , ' Tucson ' jeans from Hevik " offer the perfect combination of casual style and technical garment ". The jeans are said to provide a high level of comfort , both while riding and walking , thanks to the high-waisted straight fit and the fabric comprising 2 % Elastan , 98 % cotton .
Features include five pockets , contrasting stitching and the traditional blue stonewashed colouring , which gives the jeans a slightly faded and worn look . The ' Tucson ' jeans are equipped with removeable , certified internal protectors on the knees , adjustable in height and removable by means of a strap , and have the option to add protectors on the hips . ' Tucson ' jeans are certified according to the European norm EN17092:2020 Class A +.
HEVIK Brescia ( BS ), ITALY Tel : + 39 030 268 0374 info @ hevik . com www . hevik . com