International Dealer News 162 Aug/Sept 2021 IDN162 August/September 2021 | Page 56


New generation BS smart chargers

With more than 10 years ' experience in the battery industry , BS Battery has always offered battery chargers to its dealer network in order to help them and their customers to get activated , charge , maintain and recharge their batteries - BS and all brands . After many years working closely with OEM manufacturers to develop OE batteries ( lead acid , more recently , Lithium ), BS Battery has gathered a lot of information from manufacturers ' engineering teams concerning their battery performance and specification requirements . That knowledge and experience can now be ' money in the bank ' for BS Battery dealers with an upgraded BS charger line that " is ideal for OEM manufacturers and end users ". Designed with advanced microprocessors , BS says its new chargers are 100 % automatic , with the new range comprising five models - BS10 , BS15 , BS30 , BS60 , BK20 - all with two selectable modes and nine steps of charge . The all-new BS charger BS 10 now replaces the established BA 10 and becomes a 6V and 12V smart battery charger and maintainer rated at 1A with battery capacity up to 20Ah . " Small , safe and easy to use , this charger is one of the most practical chargers that we ever made ," says General Manager Benjamin Sebban . " It will always provide a good charge and be able to recover discharged batteries ." Also compatible with lead acid and lithium batteries , BS 30 and BK 20 are two new BS smart chargers that offer a high charging current with high battery capacity . " An exhaustive charging programme has been developed into these two battery chargers to enable them to charge and maintain all battery sizes .
" With a multi-axis hook , the BS 30 is a new 12V smart battery charger and maintainer , which can be hung anywhere . With a charging current of up to 3Ah , the BS 30 is also able to work with battery sizes up to 60Ah and up to 120Ah for maintenance ." Mainly developed for warehouses and garages , the BK 20 is a new smart bank battery charger and maintainer , which offers three channels of charge . Described as " the new 3 in 1 solution for professionals ", the BK 20 becomes " an essential tool as it can charge and maintain three batteries with different voltages and chemistries simultaneously ," says Benjamin . " The new BK 20 is designed to save time , and our distributors can fix it onto a BS display with assembly parts - meaning you can charge batteries easier ." The BS 15 and BS 60 have been kept in the BS range - compatible with all 12V lead acid batteries ; both provide a reconditioning function . " Safe and easy to use , a 6V / 12V switch mode has also been integrated into several BS chargers - BS 10 , BS 30 and BK 20 . It enables selection of the battery voltage you need . All BS smart chargers are ideal to enhance the performance and lifetime for all powersport battery technologies ."
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