Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 63 - Page 23

Partner snapshot
Devoteam is an Elite Partner of ServiceNow , which is the highest level of partnership . Devoteam was awarded the EMEA Elite partner of the year in 2022 which recognises its efforts in extending the joint footprint in the region with ServiceNow . Devoteam can re-sell ServiceNow licenses , provide consulting and implementation services and co-deliver with ServiceNow on strategic projects .
Devoteam is introducing a new approach towards engaging with clients by building digital transformation studios , encompassing business consultants , transformation and change management specialists and technology experts , to deliver value to clients in a one stop shop concept .
Devoteam has developed its own implementation methodology – Rapid , in which the focus is on agility and time to market . Devoteam in the Middle East also created many localised templates and solutions with full support for Arabic language . The implementation challenges are usually related to organisational change management and creating the necessary awareness about the implementation project .
Since customer experience has a different meaning depending on the vertical market in which it is delivered and where the end customer is positioned , ServiceNow and its channel partners need to bring in this element as well .
Using the Global Solution Framework , ServiceNow channel partners can differentiate themselves by aligning to the business imperative and building an asset whether offering or solution . Further , this will be badged .
This approach of ServiceNow channel partners delivering based on business imperatives is what Volini refers to as , “ talking the language of business .”
“ This is the biggest shift that ServiceNow has had in its history . Because it is one thing when you are selling to a single stakeholder like the CIO . But when you are trying to sell to a Chief Procurement Officer or Chief Risk Officer or Head of ESG , those issues are not solved by a single part of our platform ,” elaborates Volini .
“ It is all about stringing our products together across the platform and selling multi-workflow . We want to be viewed as an enterprise platform ,” she adds . To address business imperatives and to leverage the Now Platform , ServiceNow channel partners need to look at their assets as multi-workflow .
To speak the language of business there is also a cultural shift that needs to take place . “ We have to move from , we sell , and our partners implement ; to we sell more with and through partners .” This cultural shift is tied to the success of the transformation of ServiceNow ’ s new partner programme initiated by Volini in January this year . •
Emad Mustafa , Executive Director , Devoteam ME
Devoteam has implemented more than 300 ServiceNow projects globally and more than 30 projects with enterprise clients in the Middle East . Devoteam has provided an end-to-end value driven transformation journey for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia where the Ministry wanted to consolidate their multiple ITSM applications in addition to consolidating employee services into a unified portal instead of multiple portals .