Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 63 - Page 19


Channel platform for digital transformation

ServiceNow has rebuilt its partner programme to accelerate its channel partners into delivering the language of business , one of the most important transformations in its history .
Erica Volini , Senior Vice President of Alliances and Channel ecosystem at ServiceNow

In January this year , ServiceNow announced a transformation and redesign of its partner programme to address a $ 500 billion addressable market opportunity associated with its Now Platform .

Many of the new badges and titles that are now available from the new partner programme are meant to accelerate the movement of channel partners into co‐creators of value , and co‐pilots of the journey into making the Now Platform a platform for digital business .
At the time of the announcement , Erica Volini , Senior Vice President of Alliances and Channel Ecosystem at ServiceNow described it as the reimagined partner programme .
The new partner programme gives more flexibility to channel partners to find the routes most suitable to them for building business opportunities . ServiceNow has also revamped the Partner Portal for partner
This is the biggest shift that ServiceNow has had in its history .
engagements with the vendor and end customer engagements with the partner through the Partner Finder .
In today ’ s digital economy , it is critically important for Volini to establish ServiceNow as the enterprise platform for digital transformation .
Partner differentiation
The ServiceNow channel partner programme includes 2,200 + varied partners . In its new form , the ServiceNow channel partner programme recognises and labels partners according to the motion they drive . “ There are four major motions that any one of our partners can drive regardless of type ,” says Volini . This includes Consulting and Implementation , Service Provider , Build and Resale .
Volini describes the new partner programme as a single programme where partners identify themselves based on what they want to achieve as a business .
“ The way our programme is now structured , it is one programme with these four modules . Any partner , they could be regional , local to a geography , they could be global , they could be small , they can be big , it does not matter to us ,” she explains . “ We will pick and choose which modules they want to be a part of , depending on what their business strategy is .”