Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 63 | Page 64

I believe that Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and cloud adoptions are going to play a major role in defining the channel ecosystem . local partners that own the relationships with customers .
Which technologies and innovations can make a difference to the channel market dynamics in the near future ?
From a business model point of view , the channel community would need to evolve to address the market with an open mind . A smart partner would need to create consortiums with other partners by evaluating their strength and their addressable markets . They need to cease growing their teams in a reactive manner and rather address customers request through alliances and co-operation with other partners .
From solutions and services offerings , they will need to have the flexibility to sell anything As-a-Service to help customers to spend more from their OPEX rather than their CAPEX budgets . The customer should have the flexibility to buy a service on a subscription basis or via a managed services approach . This would introduce new products such as Visibility-as-a-Service , Accelerationas-a-Service or Visibility Operation Centres . These are all Riverbed solutions that can be sold to customers As-a-Service .
From a technology standpoint , I believe that Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and cloud adoptions are going to play a major role in defining the channel ecosystem . AI has already started transforming the way businesses operate and will continue to do so in the near and long term . With AI , businesses can automate various processes and make data-driven decisions , which can help them become more efficient and effective .
How can a channel partner disrupt the regional market and gain a leading competitive position ?
System Integrators are one-stop-shops for multiple technologies . Their resources are experts in understanding all compatibilities between the different solutions and how these technologies , bundled together , could help customers in addressing their painpoints . Among the strategies that a channel partner can explore to differentiate itself are : 1 . Value proposition : Offer unique solutions that set the channel partner apart from the competition . This could include things like exclusive products or services or bundling multiple technologies that meet the needs of the local market .
2 . Competitive pricing : Pricing can be a powerful tool for disrupting the market and gaining a competitive advantage . By offering lower prices , more flexible payment options , or other incentives , partners can attract customers away from incumbent providers .
Which aspects of your job role do you find rewarding and which challenging ?
The rewarding part is when we see more than 40 % of our business initiated and led by our partners . This shows how relevant our solutions are to our customers and it makes our job easier to drive more business . The challenge remains in fulfiling all of our different partners ’ needs as that varies from one region to the other under one partner program .
How do you best like to de-stress and re-charge off work ?
After long days of attending to the requests coming from the partners in our huge region , de-stressing requires multiple approaches : physical , emotional and spiritual . I follow a good balance among doing sports , going out with friends and family and prayer in the form of meditation .
How do you think time-off will transform in the metaverse and in the digital world ?
The technology is rapidly evolving to make the metaverse a more sensory-rich and engaging experience , where people could engage in activities such as attending virtual concerts , participating in virtual sports , or simply relaxing in a virtual environment . That said , I still believe that time-off should be away from screens and virtual realities and rather spent in a more realistic environment . •
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