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Inside ServiceNow ’ s new partner programme , there are multiple ways that channel partners can differentiate themselves , visible through the Partner Finder portal . They can pick up a label or a badge based on the demonstrated level of engagement in the programme that can be used to differentiate themselves from other partners .
The most traditional way of differentiation is through industry recognised titles such as Registered , Specialist , Premier , Elite and Global Elite . Combining it with the other titles of Consulting and Implementation , Service Provider , Build , and Resale , can help to further enhance a partner ’ s competence and focus .
For example a partner could be an Elite – Consulting and Implementation partner or Registered – Resale partner .
In addition to these titles , Volini points out that there are at least four other ways to bring in more differentiation . These are product expertise , functional expertise , domain knowledge and specialisation , and type of assets developed .
“ Each one of these is about how a partner combines their thought leadership and intellectual property with our platform in some way . When they create that asset and
These badges and titles that partners earn through engagement with ServiceNow ’ s platform are displayed on the Partner Finder portal .
The Partner Finder portal is ServiceNow helping large and small partners to make themselves visible to end customers as well as to present their differentiation .
“ We are really trying to give partners many ways to differentiate themselves because we have a big ecosystem . And that has been one of the complaints of our programme , that it was biased towards the large global partners . That is one of the big challenges we tried to tackle ,” says Volini .
Total addressable market
Cloud software licensing enables business heads to streamline operations and therefore generate a financial return . ServiceNow channel partners have an opportunity to add services around cloud
Since 92 % of ServiceNow implementations are done by partners , that is an opportunity for them to do so much more .
we create it with them , we believe there is a significant amount of total addressable market that is available . We will give it a special badge called Built with Now or Built on Now ,” explains Volini . licenses sold , aiding , and accelerating the businesses of their customers . This is referred to as the total addressable market or TAM for channel partner services , in addition to cloud licensing .
“ When we think about partners , at least from a services standpoint , we would see on an average , a four to five times TAM opportunity for services revenue ,” explains Volini .
“ What we are saying is the opportunity to play with ServiceNow is huge , and there is so much more to go . I think even in the IT space , there is so much more TAM to go after , let alone all the other spaces and all the other business issues that we play with ,” she adds .
Volini feels ServiceNow is in a period of growth and is recruiting new partners , both globally and regionally . The priority markets for on-boarding channel partners include Japan , India , Middle East , Germany , France , Latin America , among many others . Moreover , there are many industries where ServiceNow has not even entered including the federal space .
A fundamental rethink going forward for channel partners is not to look at the Now Platform as an IT platform . “ There is so much more opportunity to go after ,” emphasises Volini .
Other than channel partners having more flexibility across the new ServiceNow
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