Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 59 | Page 33

BCX is a strategic business partner , reimagining digital roadmaps and implementing integrated systems that drive evolution and growth for organisations . Born in South Africa , BCX , a giant in the digital space , is a subsidiary within the Telkom Group . The SI has forged a partnership with Alibaba Cloud to drive digitalisation in South Africa and the rest of the African continent .

BCX , one of the largest systems integrators in Africa and Alibaba Cloud , the digital technology and intelligence backbone of the Alibaba Group have formed a partnership to bring the best-in-class cloud technologies to local businesses in South Africa to drive local digitalisation .

The two parties signed an exclusive distribution contract that has granted BCX exclusive rights and authority to distribute Alibaba Cloud ’ s products and services in South Africa . The signing ceremony was attended by Jonas Bogoshi , CEO , BCX , Selina Yuan , Alibaba Group Vice President and Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International President and Daniel Jiang , General Manager , Middle East and Africa , Alibaba Cloud Intelligence .
Alibaba Cloud offers a broad range of cloud computing products and services
We are happy to build a partnership with BCX to bring advanced , secure , and reliable cloud services and technologies to businesses in South Africa and beyond .
for the full gamut of ICT applications including databases , networking , security , analytics , big data , application services and more . This is complementary to BCX ’ s offering as a vendor-agnostic systems integrator that develops solutions for its clients based on their exact use case across a wide range of technology spheres and vertical sectors .
Jiang said : “ We are happy to build a partnership with BCX to bring advanced , secure , and reliable cloud services and technologies to businesses in South Africa and beyond . We believe our partnership with a local industry leader like BCX will further upscale the local cloud computing market and better support the local businesses to embrace a digital economy .”
The South African market will benefit from greater choice , competitive pricing and hyper-performing ICT and cloud technologies thanks to the partnership .
Bogoshi added : “ Africa is recognised as the next frontier in the adoption of emerging technologies . We are proud to partner with a reputable global player , such as Alibaba Cloud . The partnership gives BCX the opportunity to expand our reach and services and create additional revenue streams , which is part of our broader strategy to grow our business and expand our partner eco-system . As the exclusive South African distributor of Alibaba Cloud , BCX will be the primary contact for all resellers in South Africa and intends on providing Alibaba Cloud services across the continent through distribution and channel partners
The two companies aim to enhance the technology capabilities of small , medium , and large businesses across the continent through their partnership . Additionally , the agreement serves to enhance their respective footprints and strengthen their market positioning . •