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Infinidat becomes storage solution provider of choice for CSPs , MSPs and MHPs

Infinidat , a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions , has announced that the company has grown and expanded its customer base for delivering enterprise storage solutions to Cloud Service Providers ( CSPs ), Managed Service Providers ( MSPs ) and Managed Hosting Providers ( MHPs ).

This demonstrates how service providers are establishing a rock-solid foundation of storage capabilities from Infinidat : realworld application performance , availability and reliability , cost-effectiveness , scalability and cyberstorage resilience . These are enabling CSPs , MSPs and MHPs to compete effectively in a highly competitive marketplace , which includes some of the world ’ s largest cloud providers and telcoms .
“ Infinidat has become a storage solution provider of choice for Cloud Service Providers , Managed Hosting Providers and Managed Service Providers globally ,” said Eric Herzog , CMO of Infinidat . “ Our Infinidat enterprise storage solutions give these providers unparalleled competitive advantages , flexible consumption models , built-in cyberstorage resilience , guaranteed
SLAs and improved financials to compete with the bigger players . When a provider truly understands what Infinidat can do for them to compete with our award-winning storage platforms – InfiniBox , InfiniBox SSA II and InfiniGuard – it ’ s game over .”
African Distribution Group bets on cloud as the future with DRaaS

Alviva Holdings , one of Africa ’ s largest ICT products and services providers , has invested in a robust , cloud-based Disaster

Recovery ( DR ) and backup solution . Partnering with Routed , the distribution giant is reaping the rewards of a consumption-based DRas-a-Service ( DRaaS ) solution hosted on VMware cloud at two of the company ’ s data centres . The implementation has been so successful that Alviva Holdings is now investigating using the cloud platform to run its enterprise application workloads too .
With a strategy for growth underpinned by acquisitions , the company ’ s IT infrastructure is complex and lacked a single centralised DR solution . Recent widespread unrest and vandalism in South Africa that targeted key infrastructure sites and threatened data centres has created the need for organisations to consider business continuity beyond just one location .
While the company initially set out to create a single DR site in Routed ’ s Johannesburg data centre , the project evolved into a multisite environment including hosting its DR in Routed ’ s Cape Town data centre . The extensibility of its systems was central to the success of the project and because Alviva is predominantly a VMware house , Routed could easily replicate its entire DR environment in its Cape Town data centre . This strategic product alignment allowed Alviva to seamlessly integrate with Routed ’ s infrastructure while ensuring it remained secure , compliant and scalable .
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