Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 55 | Page 40

scale . Combining these separate teams into Sophos X-Ops shows that Sophos understands this principle and is acting on it ,” said Michael Daniel , President and CEO , Cyber Threat Alliance .
Sophos X-Ops also provides a stronger cross-operational foundation for innovation , an essential component of cybersecurity due to the aggressive advancements in organised cybercrime . By intertwining each group ’ s expertise , Sophos is pioneering the concept
Attackers are often too organised and too advanced to combat without the unique combined expertise and operational efficiency of a joint task force like Sophos X-Ops . of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) assisted Security Operations Center ( SOC ), which anticipates the intentions of security analysts and provides relevant defensive actions .
In the SOC of the future , Sophos believes this approach will dramatically accelerate security workflows and the ability to more quickly detect and respond to novel and priority indicators of compromise .
“ The adversary community has figured out how to work together to commoditise certain parts of attacks while simultaneously creating new ways to evade detection and
taking advantage of weaknesses in any software to mass exploit it . The Sophos X-Ops umbrella is a noted example of stealing a page from the cyber miscreants ’ tactics by allowing cross-collaboration amongst different internal threat intelligence groups ,” said Craig Robinson , IDC Research Vice President , Security Services .
“ Combining the ability to cut across a wide breadth of threat intelligence expertise with AI-assisted features in the SOC allows organisations to better predict and prepare for imminent and future attacks .” •
We ’ re disrupting three things : the threat actors , their infrastructure and their money . And we have the most durable impact when we work with all our partners to disrupt all three together .
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