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Sophos links three teams of cybersecurity experts for Sophos X-Ops to defend against cyberattacks

The new unit offers breadth , heightened analysis and a streamlined process from its cross-operational body by providing a stronger , more reliable and capable service .

Sophos , a global leader in nextgeneration cybersecurity , has announced Sophos X-Ops , a new cross-operational unit linking SophosLabs , Sophos SecOps and Sophos AI , to help organisations better defend against constantly changing and increasingly complex cyberattacks .

Sophos X-Ops leverages each group ’ s predictive , real-time , real-world and deeply researched threat intelligence , which , in turn , collaborate to deliver stronger , more innovative protection , detection and response capabilities .
Sophos is also issuing OODA : Sophos X-Ops Takes on Burgeoning SQL Server
Attacks research about increased attacks against unpatched Microsoft SQL servers and how attackers used a fake downloading site and grey-market remote access tools to distribute multiple ransomware families .
Sophos X-Ops identified and thwarted the attacks because the Sophos X-Ops teams combined their respective knowledge of the incidents , jointly analysed them , and took action to quickly contain and neutralise the adversaries .
“ Modern cybersecurity is becoming a highly interactive team sport , and as the industry has matured , necessary analysis , engineering and investigative
Joe Levy , Chief Technology and Product Officer , Sophos specialisations have emerged . Scalable end-to-end operations now need to include software developers , automation engineers , malware analysts , reverse engineers , cloud infrastructure engineers , incident responders , data engineers and scientists and numerous other experts , and they need an organisational structure that avoids silos ,” said Joe Levy , Chief Technology and Product Officer , Sophos .
“ We ’ ve unified three globally recognised and mature teams within Sophos to provide this breadth of critical , subject matter and process expertise . Joined together as Sophos X-Ops , they can leverage the strengths of each other , including analysis of worldwide telemetry from more than 500,000 customers , industry-leading threat hunting , response and remediation capabilities and rigorous artificial intelligence to measurably improve threat detection and response .
“ Attackers are often too organised and too advanced to combat without the unique combined expertise and operational efficiency of a joint task force like Sophos X-Ops .”
Speaking in March 2022 to the Detroit Economic Club about the FBI partnering with the private sector to counter cyberthreats ,
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