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be able to independently and automatically identify and react to threats without complex SOAR integration . It must be able to convincingly demonstrate how its own back-office and customer-facing systems are protected from advanced persistent threats ( APT ). And it must link to third-party threat assessments that are made available to the end customer .
The endpoint detection and response ( EDR ) system used by the MSSP must provide actionable directions when threats are found , so customers can take their own timely steps to mitigate the effects of incursions .
Even for MSSPs , the securing of digital experiences against cyberthreats is challenging . In reality , policy and human commitment must come together with nextlevel technology to create an enterprisewide environment of ‘ living security ’, where all roles and business units participate in defending the digital estate .
On the technology side , extended detection , and response ( XDR ) is the ideal complement to human agency in building a living-security model . It goes beyond EDR to drive automated responses without complex integration into SOAR for many reactions , delving into telemetry and log data from devices , applications , and shared sources .
The ‘ living security ’ proposition
For MSSPs to add value , their inter-human co-ordination ( internally and with partners and customers ) must come together with their XDR capabilities to create a sharedinformation ecosystem that can thwart today ’ s sophisticated threats . To be an effective business partner , MSSPs must be able to offer clients a unified security posture that accounts for post-COVID hybrid setups .
It must allow the organisations it serves to peer into every digital nook and cranny , from the endpoint to the cloud . Security teams that have 4K resolution across their domains will be better placed to see the previously unseeable and take timely action to prevent damage .
XDR used as part of a living-security environment enables faster , more accurate decisions through automation and correlation analysis across multiple vectors . Security teams can go on the offensive for a change , and SOCs , no longer encumbered by a deluge of false positives , can target their efforts more effectively .
An open , interoperable XDR platform backed by a co-operative hive of human ingenuity allows the integration of the toolsets everyone needs to arm themselves against digital adversaries . XDR and living security form a hybrid threat posture that learns , adapts , and empowers people to be proactive in their own protection .
XDR has been gaining popularity in the industry . But many organisations that engage with an XDR vendor are left with buyer ’ s remorse . This is because many vendors sell the technology as a one-shot , unified , integrated platform that can do it all .
For MSSPs , the assumption that a single-pane , catchall sentinel can be deployed to watch over all their clients ’ infrastructures is erroneous . XDR is still evolving . The living-security approach is one of the best ways to accelerate this evolution . The more data sources and cross-vendor cooperation we cultivate , the more value XDR will be able to add .
MSSPs are on a mission to shield their clients from the cyber battlefield – to fight the fight on their behalf . XDR and living security bring them the right weapons for the job . An end to alert fatigue . Faster , more accurate detection . More effective remediation . Greater visibility and control . XDR and living security are to an ideal MSSP what an ideal MSSP is to its clients – a cost-friendly boon to productivity and effectiveness . •
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