Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 - Page 21

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY on the implementation of solutions , followed by consultancy to ensure customers are getting the most out of their investment . This is particularly important because in a subscription and consumption model , customers will only continue with their subscription if they are getting value from it .
It ’ s important to add that the consultancy role of partners is particularly important as the challenges that customers face become increasingly complex and the need to digitise grows . Many customers , irrespective of their size , industry , or location , lack the skills and knowledge to ‘ go it alone ’ on their Digital Transformation journey . Partners increasingly have the skills , knowledge , and expertise to enable organisations to drive their Digital Transformation from concept to execution and on-going development .
Which countries in the broader South EMEA market are a key focus for VMware with the new channel schemes ?
Markets across the region are at different stages of Digital Transformation adoption , which is really a continual journey . Our partner programme applies to all markets and is designed to incentivise partners to serve customers no matter how advanced their Digital Transformation might be . If you look at France , Spain or South Africa , Morocco , Saudi Arabia , or the UAE , each one of these countries has different needs . All countries are important for VMware , and one of the key things for us is to understand each country based on the nuances of the market , trends and demand driven by government initiatives , national plans , and major industries , and the needs of customers .
What trends do you see in the Middle East ?
The beauty of the Middle East region is that it has all the flavours : Some markets , such as the UAE are leaders on par or ahead of advanced markets in Europe and the US , with very high levels of technology adoption including integrated Smart City and smart government applications . Other markets are less advanced , but all have significant potential .
Given the rapid pace at which change is happening in the channel , how can partners access the many offerings that VMware offers through its Partner Connect Programme ?
At VMware we continue to enhance our
partner behaviours through the Partner Connect programme , which we continually adapt and modify with new features , enhancements , and tools to allow our partners to take full advantage of it .
We made some major changes over the last few months , and we will continue to modify and update it until the end of the year to enhance the way partners do business with us .
What training and certifications will partners have to undergo in order to retain a partner tier under the improved Partner Connect Programme ?
When we look at training , we can divide our programme into three parts : There is pre-sales , sales , and post-sales . Pre-sales and sales trainings for all our solutions are available for free online . It ’ s a requirement for any of our partner competencies , including Master Service Competency , that our partners must-have the right level of certifications for pre-sales and sales .
Training and certification for post-sales such as the deployment and application of the technologies are not free . This is official training from the VMware Training Centres , with instructor led courses that our partners must complete .
We constantly update the requirements of these certifications to ensure partners are confident and fully equipped for all the postsales requirements on the solutions they have opted to gain expertise in .
Are you seeing a lot of new partners appear ?
We are seeing many ‘ born in the cloud ’ partners who do not have the legacy of the traditional IT and are focused primarily on new solutions . They tend to be very agile and able to shift gears quickly . Many of these partners do not yet have the same reach and recognition as some of the older , more established partners , but they can move very quickly in line with new trends and technology .
Why should channel partners work with VMware in South EMEA in 2022 and beyond ?
By working with VMware partners can ensure they are running a profitable
Partner Connect in focus
Partner Connect is a single programme designed to provide clearer paths to profitability whether partners want to resell software or services , manage or host services , or provide value-add services to their customers .
VMware Partner Connect and its incentive programmes reward partners for growing their business , achieving solution competencies , and progressing to higher tiers within the programme . Incentive eligibility is determined and applied by programme tier level , market maturity , and business model .