Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 52 - Page 68

with greater volumes of IT and critical infrastructure supporting the demand for accelerated Digital Transformation , partners are broadening their digital services portfolios within the fields of sustainability , and IT energy management .
For resellers , this means new digital service models based on managing distributed IT , providing mission-critical maintenance support and energy management services are beginning to emerge as a means of addressing sustainability initiatives within Digital Transformation RFPs . Additionally , new consultancy organisations or services that can help customers modernise , upgrade , or retrofit out-dated infrastructure , and those that can drive energy efficiency for a lower carbon footprint ( or energy bill ), are becoming a key focal point with end-users .
Here partners with specialist expertise in energy efficiency , UPS and power management , and Edge Computing will likely see success , but integral to this is that the vendors with whom they work are focussed on the same sustainability ambitions .
Decarbonising the supply chain
In recent years Schneider Electric has announced a number of Net Zero commitments , which will see us increase support for both customers and partners and empower them to achieve their own sustainability objectives . For example , between 2021 – 2025 , we aim to reduce CO 2 emissions from our top 1000 suppliers , while delivering 800 million tons of saved and avoided carbon emissions for customers . This is a strategy which requires not only a greater focus on embedding sustainable practices across our partner supply chain , but in helping customers to create and meet long-term objectives that will ingrain sustainability .
Further , we have launched The Zero Carbon Project , an initiative to halve the carbon emissions of our top supply chain partners by 2025 , and a call to action already joined by 91 % of them . For endusers hoping to address scope 1 , 2 and 3 emissions , decarbonisation within their supply chains and supplier ecosystems is essential and means channel partners have critical role to play . This can be seen in both the manufacturer technologies they choose to specify and via their own corporate sustainability commitments .
Finally , from a technological perspective transparency is key , and earlier this year we were also awarded the CRN Tech Impact
Award for Sustainable Infrastructure Vendor of the year , which recognises our companies leadership in developing sustainable and energy efficient Digital Transformation technologies , and our proven track record in helping partners deliver solutions that address the issues of sustainability and the circular economy .
Becoming a trusted advisor on sustainability
Many channel firms already seem to be on the right path , and research by Agilitas IT Solutions has revealed that 84 % of UK IT channel leaders are optimistic about adopting more eco-friendly processes throughout their supply chains now and in the future .
In fact , the report revealed that sustainability is now directly linked to building resilience among IT channel leaders , and when asked to identify which areas of their organisation they are implementing change , 45 % of respondents stated they had already begun driving their sustainability and circular economy efforts , with a further 40 % committed to introducing them in the future .
Interestingly , research from Canalys has also highlighted how only 23 % of partners have developed solutions to help customers manage energy consumption , meaning there remains a significant opportunity for channel businesses to help customers manage their mission-critical IT applications more closely in a bid to reduce their environmental impact .
What ’ s also critical , however , is that the business conversation surrounding sustainability changes , and that partners can continue to help their customers define and measure a tangible return on investment . Whether that ’ s through lowering their operating costs , reducing their carbon footprint , or indeed minimising their energy consumption , having the right partner ecosystem will be critical to reach their sustainability goals . •
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