Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 52 - Page 67

New digital service models based on managing distributed IT , providing mission-critical maintenance support and energy management services are beginning to emerge as a means of addressing sustainability initiatives within Digital Transformation RFPs .

Sustainability has become a key pillar within the IT channel , and evermore crucial to customer decision-making . With growing awareness of the impact of climate change , perspectives have changed in recent years , and the potential environmental effects of tech purchasing decisions are now just as important to customers as traditional pricing considerations once were .

Looking forward , what this means it that sustainability is now of utmost importance to the channel community , and when defining what the modern channel partner should look like , channel analyst Canalys recently stated that as a partner , “ Sustainability needs to run through every offering and every service you do . Being able to position sustainability as a part of your ITas-a service offers is going to be key to your resale success .”
What ’ s driving sustainability in the channel ?
Interestingly , Canalys confirmed that the environmental accountability of IT investments is going to be one of partners ’ customers ’ top priorities within the next two-to-three years . It will also be one of the most important drivers of IT-as-a service , with customers wanting to ensure the accountability , and the visibility into their IT investments .
The good news is that the channel is already embracing sustainability . Research published in 2020 by IDC ’ s dedicated practice , European Technology for Sustainability and Social Impact , examined how important sustainability is to IT decision makers when selecting suppliers or services partners . In a study of 700 organisations across Europe , IDC discovered that six out of 10 European businesses cited sustainability as either a ‘ very ’ or ‘ extremely important ’ business priority .
Technology , and with it , increased electrification , and digitisation , remains a primary vehicle for achieving sustainability KPIs . More than half of European companies have stated that they are investing in technologies to improve sustainability performance . For the channel , this means that sustainability is becoming a primary competitive differentiator , and 41 % of companies are already seeking assistance from their IT services partners to incorporate sustainability targets into the products , services , and solutions they deliver .
Further , 60 % see them as playing a crucial role in helping them achieve their sustainability goals , and more critically , close to 60 % of organisations in Europe are including sustainability objectives into RFPs . In fact , a Schneider Electric and 451 Research report found that 97 % of customers are asking for contractual sustainability commitments within the data centre space , and in 2020 , HP won more than US $ 1 billion in new sales where sustainability criteria were a known consideration in the deal . What ’ s clear to see is that sustainability has become a key selling point for partners .
How can partners become more sustainable ?
With sustainability becoming commonplace in the channel , at Schneider Electric , we believe that we ’ ll continue see greater uptake of Green Premium technologies . These are circular solutions which include environmental product disclosures such as RoHS and REACh compliance details , and those which can help end-users understand their embodied carbon footprint . Moreover ,