Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 52 - Page 37

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY to stay ahead of cyber threats . Organisations need a partner who can easily integrate solutions into their existing IT infrastructure and manage all of their security needs . That ’ s why we chose NEC XON as one of our partners ,” said Collin Kunene , Channel Director , Mimecast South Africa . “ Email is a highly relevant cybersecurity control that can eliminate much risk if matured quickly and managed consistently . Their integrations are the tightest and most complete we ’ ve seen , which means customers get robust end-to-end control across the entire threat landscape . It makes the process of connecting the various applications easy and that ’ s important to help mitigate ongoing threats , emerging vectors , and corporate risk .”
In addition to cross system integrations , NEC XON helps customers identify email security flows and processes so they can make informed architecture and policy decisions . It provides system engineering
services to rearchitect these where necessary . NEC XON also helps customers manage their email chain of custody archives .
“ Most organisations , faced with a critical skills shortage , need to maximise the world-class technologies they either already have in place or want to acquire ,” said Smith . “ That ’ s what we help them do , achieve the cybersecurity outcomes they need to mitigate risk , ensure compliance , and protect their people , their data and their business .”
NEC XON has provided custom ICT and related integration services since 1996
for government , telcos , mobile operators , network service providers , and enterprise organisations throughout Africa . The business ’ s four clusters : Communications , Infrastructure , Safety , and Digital Solutions , contain 10 integrated business units that help customers transform their operations through compute , networking , security , energy , surveillance , analytics , infrastructure , platforms , and digital solutions . It provides comprehensive managed services , project management , professional services , maintenance , and support . NEC XON is NEC Corporation ’ s African business , as a result of joining XON and NEC Africa . NEC XON is a level 1-certified broad-based black economic empowerment ( B-BBEE ) business through its partnership with Kapela Capital since 2010 . The organisation operates in 54 African countries , with a footprint in 16 , and regional headquarters in South , East , and West Africa . •