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Redvine Networks , a fully managed secure SD-WAN and networking service provider and distributor , says that it has been able to consistently grow its customer base over the past five years while also enabling partners to leverage the strength of its SASE solution to make their solutions easier to deploy .

“ Year on year , Redvine has been in a strong position and over the last two years , we have doubled our client base while keeping churn extremely low . This can be ascribed to the value proposition of our SASE and SD-WAN offerings . Clients are becoming digitally led and require solutions that allow them to benefit from the cloud and the availability of more sophisticated technologies ,” said Binesh George , CEO and Co-founder , Redvine Networks .
George said that this year will see Redvine embark on a comprehensive hiring strategy across the sales and technical departments , where it will look to drive growth as it services more companies across Africa .
“ The continent has shown an appetite for robust SASE solutions that are ushering in a new age of Digital Transformation . By strengthening our sales and technical teams we can reach more people in Africa while providing an integral support role to our partners and resellers as they target new markets ,” he said .
Part of this will also entail expanding its gateways to new countries within the South , East , and West Africa regions . Currently sitting at 10 locations , Redvine will introduce 12 new locations throughout the year to
Binesh George , CEO and Co-founder , Redvine Networks offer comprehensive SD-WAN , SASE , and cloud security services to its client and partner network .
While Redvine will continue to offer solutions across the financial services , mining , manufacturing , retail , agricultural , chemical , and medical sectors , it has identified others where significant opportunities exist as it diversifies , including logistics , media , ICT , and tourism .
“ The support and growth of our partner base has been an important contributor to our growth . Our partner base is expanding across West and East Africa and not just reselling our services but using Redvine ’ s offerings around SASE and SD-WAN to make their products easier to deploy and sell ,” George said . •
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