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Part of the Lynchpin Media team , Manda Banda has more than 20 years of experience working for channel publications . He shares the knowledge he has learnt during that time in this monthly column for Intelligent Tech Channels .

Edge Computing : Everything a channel partner needs to know

Manda Banda , Managing Editor , Intelligent Tech Channels
Manda Banda is also Lynchpin Media ’ s Managing Editor of Intelligent CIO Middle East and Intelligent CIO Africa magazines .
In simplest terms , Edge Computing moves some portion of storage and compute resources out of the central data centre and closer to the source of the data itself . Rather than transmitting raw data to a central data centre for processing and analysis , that work is instead performed where the data is actually generated – whether that ’ s a retail store , a factory floor , a sprawling utility or across a Smart City . As a channel partner , Edge Computing should matter to you business now more than ever .

As Edge Computing , a distributed Information Technology ( IT ) architecture garners momentum in the channel , it is opening up opportunities for solution providers because client data , which is processed at the periphery of the network , as close to the originating source as possible needs to be properly secured .

Data is the lifeblood of modern business , providing valuable business insight and supporting real-time control over critical business processes and operations .
That ’ s why channel partners are being called upon to help their end-user customers to prudently process data at the periphery of the network , secure it and glean valuable business insights to give their customers and the organisations they represent a competitive edge .
With manufacturers , healthcare providers , and mines having benefitted from the Edge for many years , the technology ( and the related devices ) have over the years become more sophisticated , so too have the use cases become more varied with companies across sectors standing to benefit from it . This broadening of use cases across various industry vertical can only be great news for solution providers .
Today , an increasing number of ‘ mainstream ’ businesses are realising the advantages to be had from the Edge . The pervasiveness of the cloud , and the rapid Digital Transformation resulting from impacts of the pandemic , have contributed to an enabling environment for Edge Computing . Now , companies are more aware of its potential , how data analysis as close to the route as possible can benefit the organisation , and how the high-performance computing capabilities of these edge devices can bring about significant disruption in traditional business processes .
This has resulted in numerous opportunities emerging for the channel across MEA . Niche channel players can now cater for specific industry sectors and use cases with Edge Computing and data
Niche channel players can now cater for specific industry sectors and use cases with Edge Computing and data analysis the golden threads tying everything together . analysis the golden threads tying everything together . Invariably , this will see a period of significant growth for channel companies focusing on unlocking the potential of the Edge for businesses .
That said , there is no denying that Edge Computing is important today , just like data is invaluable for businesses and channel partners must take note of this . Typically , the Edge speaks to the convergence of people , data , and technology . It enables IoT devices to process the available information right there and then without having to send the raw data back to data centres . One of the biggest benefits of this is the amount of time saved by being able to analyse data at the point of origin .
Furthermore , companies can significantly reduce their bandwidth costs by eliminating the need to send Big Data back and forth . Accessing this in real-time can even mean the difference between life and death . For example , getting alerts on the medical condition of a patient or being notified of a car high jacking taking place . What this means is that channel partners can explore a range of industry-specific use cases that position the Edge and related data processing capabilities to organisations looking to differentiate themselves in a digitally driven market . It also enables channel partners to leverage the value propositions of all the vendors they represent to deliver a more integrated ecosystem of solutions that cater for the Edge and IoT .
Considering the multitude of use cases and sheer number of industries that can
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