Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 51 | Page 38

Meeting the cybersecurity jobs challenge

Allen McNaughton , Systems Engineering Director for Infoblox Public Sector , tells us the cybersecurity industry needs to leverage technology to help manage work , increase productivity and reduce burnout .

It ’ s no secret that the cybersecurity industry is in something of a talent crisis . The need for cybersecurity experts greatly outpaces the supply .

These professionals underpin the security and integrity of networks and data , manage a company ’ s security stack , and have the skills to identify , react to and remediate security risks .
Over the past year , this talent pool has faced unprecedented demands as the pandemic forced understaffed cybersecurity teams to extend security to cover the blending of corporate and home technologies as millions of employees worked remotely – all while adjusting to the challenges of remote work themselves .
To compound these difficulties , malicious actors have pounced , preying on these new work arrangements , hastily set-up network architectures , and fears of the pandemic to launch a growing number of cyberattacks .
All of this has culminated in a cybersecurity workforce that is stretched out , overburdened and burnt out .
The novelty of this situation has forced organisations to rethink how they attract talent , train employees , and educate those inside and outside the organisation to better understand the different threats they face .
Organisations are raising pay , recruiting from underserved communities and making cybersecurity careers more accessible to students without a traditional degree .