Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 51 - Page 20

have reported significant improvements after implementing our Retention Operating System , which has further shaped our business development strategy . In other words , we are gradually heading towards pan-MEA operations .
How has WebEngage positioned itself against competitors in the software space in MEA ?
Our value propositions have less to do with what competitors are doing and more to do with what the contemporary customer wants . CMOs and CXOs are under tremendous pressure to engage customers and retain them . They need actionable technologies that deliver as promised . As a solution , our user engagement and retention platform provides :
• A unified view of the customer data from various sources and external systems , enabling segmentation and analysis
• An engagement stack across email / WhatsApp / SMS / push / website / mobile apps , supporting omnichannel orchestration of campaigns
• A hyper-personalisation engine that lets you create bespoke messages across all channels
How is WebEngage developing its channel business in the MEA region and what type of channel partners is the company looking to work with ?
WebEngage has dedicated local teams for sales and customer success management in the UAE , KSA , Egypt , Kuwait , and Qatar . As our operational purview increases , we will expand the teams accordingly . Because of our sector-wide operations , we do not have a boilerplate channel management strategy . Our channel partner selections will hinge on a number of factors , including but not limited to the target market , industry , solutions compatibility , and expertise . Most importantly , we associate with clients and channel partners who share our vision of insight-led engagement and retention-driven growth .
What omnichannel solutions is WebEngage bringing to the market and which industry verticals is the company targeting with its solutions in MEA ?
WebEngage ’ s user engagement and retention platform is inherently omnichannel , in that it provides a single-window view of data-driven insights from across channels . The insights allow marketers to orchestrate hyper-personalised omnichannel campaigns as per customer preferences . There is a sizable appetite for such single-suite solutions across all industries and verticals because of widespread digitalisation . That said , our solutions will be curated as per unique requirements in each vertical
Our channel partner selections will hinge on a number of factors , including but not limited to the target market , industry , solutions compatibility , and expertise .
because , while digitalisation is widespread , there are distinctive opportunities and challenges in each .
WebEngage is ramping up its business initiatives and solutions offerings , especially in MEA . What is the motivation behind this push ?
The rationale for the expansion and scaling of our operations in the MEA was derived from the successes of existing clients in the region . Earlier this year , eXtra , Saudi Arabia ’ s fastest-growing retail brand , announced a 33 % increase in purchases through localised user engagement campaigns . Egypt ’ s Gourmet , another retailer , announced a 20 % increase in customer retention . Both the brands had adopted WebEngage ’ s full-stack Retention Operating System , which harnesses data and enables hyperpersonalised marketing . In both instances , the results have been instant and well quantified . This is all the motivation we need .
How is WebEngage positioning itself to ensure that a lot of businesses in the MEA are using the company ’ s omnichannel offerings ?
We are driven by value not volume . So , unlocking demonstrable results for existing clients is a priority over onboarding new ones . We do not intend to bite more than we can chew . Our first order of business is replicating the outcomes that we have achieved with eXtra and Gourmet , in new clients ’ operations . Gradually , we will branch out . It is this methodical approach that enabled 20 % of new logo acquisitions in the last year alone . Our solutions made a significant contribution to clients ’ bottom lines , and we are now poised for greater impact , supported by post-pandemic revival .
How has WebEngage positioned its business to channel partners and enterprise organisations in MEA ?
We do not merely go by as SaaS providers focusing on retention-led growth ; we are “ retention radicals ” who live and breathe technologies that can lead to quantifiable positive impact . If prospective channel partners and enterprise organisations share this enthusiasm , they will naturally gravitate towards WebEngage . Discerning executives and companies in the MEA region are no different .
What new offerings can the MEA market expect from WebEngage this year ?
WebEngage has a few new offerings in the works for this year , particularly for