Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 47 - Page 68

basis – it ’ ll be easy to overload if multiple people are using it every day to scan dozens of pages worth of material .
When choosing whether or not to upgrade your office ’ s scanner , keep in mind how much it ’ s going to be used . If the answer is quite a bit , consider a step up .
How do you maximise efficiency ?
If you have your ideal scanner already , then you ’ re probably wondering how to make sure it lasts as long as possible and continues to function as it ’ s supposed to . The answer to that sounds simple but is harder to put into action : Use it properly .
Every desktop scanner comes with detailed instructions on maintenance and operation , but these instructions usually fall by the wayside once someone gets the hang of things . Scanners need to be treated properly if you want them to have a long lifespan , and that means a number of things :
Ink cartridges : If you have a scanner / printer , ensure ink cartridges are being replaced regularly . Make sure to only use cartridges approved by the manufacturer , as knockoffs or third-party cartridges can leak and damage the scanner ’ s interior parts . Clean the parts regularly : Scanners occasionally need to be disassembled and put back together and have their parts cleaned . Ensure this happens at least once every few months , or else you ’ ll notice a distinct decline in efficiency and usability .
Always follow instructions : Don ’ t feed documents in the wrong way or use a scanner with wet hands – simple things like this usually won ’ t affect your scanner ’ s health , but too much of the wrong thing will leave you without a scanner to use before you know it . Always read the instructions to make sure you ’ re not doing things improperly .
These are really the three biggest things to remember . Keep things clean , follow instructions , and for scanners that use ink , make sure you use approved cartridges .
The advanced stuff
Now , there are a few outside tools you can utilise to ensure your scanner is up to
Scanners can be targeted by cybercriminals just like any other device connected to the Internet , so it is also important that they have security features included . snuff . These include software tools that will monitor your scanner and ensure your scanner is up and running . For example , the Scanner Manager from Kodak Alaris provides proactive alerts , reduces downtime , delivers operational insights and enables you to improve the productivity of the capture workflow across your entire organisation .
While you may not think it ’ s a big concern , scanners can be targeted by cybercriminals just like any other device connected to the Internet , so it is also important that they have security features included .
Scanners are more intelligent and have come a long way in terms of what you can do with them .
While your experience with scanners may be limited to simply scanning a document and emailing it to someone , what happens when you need to scan a messy , handwritten document ? Or one with stains on it ? Or one with unusual image contrast that just won ’ t show up clearly ?
This is where advanced scanner software can come in handy . Tools can isolate messy manuscripts and highlight the area to make things more legible , color-correct images to make them more visually pleasing , and more . Different scanner brands use different kinds of software , so keep a lookout to see if your scanner has any software available to make using it an easier experience .
Manage your documents
One of the best ways to get the most out of your desktop scanner is to make sure you are using it properly . You might be surprised to find you ’ ve been scanning the same document multiple times throughout the day due to poor management or using an incorrect format due to some strange default setting . To ensure you are always on top of things , we recommend using a desktop scanner that integrates with a document management system to help you keep track of scanned documents in a clear manner . •