Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 47 - Page 64

The Pure Partner Programme is designed to empower channel partners with everything they need . service nature of the offering – where vendors and partners deliver a seamless business function that integrates perfectly and non-disruptively , with other business operations . These partners will ensure that customers do not have to wrestle with their XaaS acquisition , maintenance , upgrades , expansions and contractions are all invisible , while adding continual value to the business .
Partners who differentiate themselves , as described above , will be the ones who thrive .
What is your management philosophy ?
I strongly believe that people need to be empowered to make decisions in order to give the best of themselves . However , I expect them to make decisions as if it was their own company and own money . We operate as a team and so will always back my team .
When you look back at your career , what has been the most memorable achievement ?
I was working in EMEA marketing for a small security company and was competing with a bigger and well-known competitor . My team and I came up with an idea to raise our profile in the market making our competitor look weak . With a US $ 1 million campaign we took market share and customers away from our competitor and built a huge prospective pipeline .
What made you think of a career in technology ?
After studying literature for many years , I
fell in love with one of the very first domestic computers and step by step it led me to the IT world . Like any love story , I cannot completely explain the exact reasons behind that journey !
What are your personal interests and where do you like to spend most of your time after work ?
It may sound strange to many people , but I find motorcycling relaxing as it forces my brain to focus on the road rather than on work related topics . I also enjoy the adrenaline associated with motorcycling . Then movies and off-road cycling fill whatever free time that is left . •
The truly standout channel partners of the future will be those that recognise that everything-as-a-service is about much more than financial concerns .