Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 47 - Page 6

StarLink signs regional distribution agreement with DigiCert

StarLink , a value-added Distributor ( VAD ) in the META region , has announced signing a regional distribution agreement with DigiCert for Middle East and Africa ( MEA ).

DigiCert is a global provider of scalable TLS / SSL , IoT and PKI solutions for identity and encryption . DigiCert innovates to advance TLS and PKI-based solutions for securing the enterprise and emerging markets such as IoT , cloud , and DevOps . DigiCert ONE is a modern , holistic approach to PKI management .
StarLink has been on the leading edge of innovation as a trusted cyber and cloud advisor and as an authorised partner of DigiCert , the VAD will be able to further grow and expand in the META region and support organisations in securing their data by providing enterprise-class TLS , PKI and IoT security solutions .
“ We are really excited to be an authorised partner of DigiCert , as it perfectly fits into our data lifecycle under the Access Control domain and complements other leading technologies to deliver innovative and integrated solutions ,” said Zaidoun Arbad , COO , StarLink .
“ DigiCert is committed to driving the online trust market through our product innovation , industry standards support and superior
Zaidoun Arbad , COO , StarLink ( L ) and James Dalton , EVP of Sales , DigiCert
customer experience ,” said James Dalton , EVP of Sales , DigiCert . “ We ’ re looking forward to working with StarLink to deliver the world ’ s most trusted customer solutions in the META region .”
Circular Computing expands its RAKEZ facility and receives BSI Kitemark certification

Circular Computing , a UK remanufacturer of used laptops , has continued to flourish in UAE ’ s Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone ’ s ( RAKEZ ) ecosystem , expanding its state-of-the-art production facility to a total of 27,460 square metres with an investment of 8 million dirhams ( US $ 2.1 million ). The facility will have a production rate of 50,000 rebuilt laptops per month within two years , which will create around 300 new jobs in Ras Al Khaimah .

In addition to the expansion , Circular Computing recently became the world ’ s first company to receive a BSI Kitemark Certification for its circular production process , in which pre-used laptops are remanufactured to be “ equal to or better than new ” in terms of appearance and function . BSI Kitemark Certification is a prestigious UK product and service quality certification mark , which demonstrates that a product or service has gone beyond the normal requirements to achieve the highest standards .
“ This is about sustainability without compromise ,” said Rod Neale , Founder , Circular Computing . “ In 2015 , we decided to build the world ’ s first factory dedicated to bringing professionalism , legitimacy , purpose and scale to the re-use of laptop products and we have spent the time from then to today learning and earning our skills . Today is a defining step in that journey . The BSI Kitemark certification confirms the end of one journey , to develop the technology and skills to be able to deliver a product that is defined as ‘ as new ’.”