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Carry1st partners with Tilting Point to bring Krabby Patty to Africa

A frica ’ s leading mobile games publisher Carry1st has partnered with Tilting Point and Nickelodeon to bring Bikini Bottom ’ s famed Krabby Patty to Africa with their latest release of the mobile game SpongeBob : Krusty Cook-Off available on Google Play and App Store .

At the time of its initial global launch in 2019 , the mobile game already had 17 million players pre-registered to play , the strongest pre-registration performance of any Nickelodeon game ever . Since then , it has been downloaded 44 million times and has gone on to win the Players ’ Choice award at the 2021 Mobile Games Awards .
“ We ’ re excited to bring SpongeBob : Krusty Cook-Off to Africa through our partnership with Tilting Point and Nickelodeon ,” said Cordel Robbin-Coker , Co-founder and CEO , Carry1st . “ SpongeBob
SquarePants is incredibly popular in Africa , and we can ’ t wait to share the game with its many fans . We look forward to connecting our users with even more titles and iconic franchises in the future .”
With the game , you get to join SpongeBob SquarePants on a hilarious culinary adventure through the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom ! The game allows you to build your kitchen and set up your restaurant as you race against the clock to serve delicious food .
And the best part ? You won ’ t be limited to the Krusty Krab . If you ’ re up for the challenge , you can take on steaks and ribs in Sandy ’ s Treedome , hot dogs in Weenie Hut Jr ’ s , and even more in the other restaurants and kitchens under the sea .
To celebrate the release , Carry1st is challenging YOU to create a burger recipe inspired by the Krabby Patty .
If you want to get involved , all you need to do is cook up your recipe , then upload your creation onto social media using the hashtag # KrustyCookOff and # SBKCOAfrica .
To get into the spirit of things , download the free-to-play game and unleash your inner fry cook . SpongeBob : Krusty Cook-
Off is available on mobile for iOS and . PC players can also enjoy the game on the Microsoft Store .
In South Africa , celebrity chef Zola Nene and gaming influencer and reviewer Grant Hinds launched the online competition with the first-ever Krabby Patty-inspired burgers in Africa .
For Egyptian audiences , influencer Yasser Ahmed , used Instagram TikTok to challenge his followers to download the game and compete for prizes . While in Nigeria , Carry1st engaged fans through the Lagos eSport Forum including weekly challenges where competitors stand a chance to win amazing prizes from the Carry1st Shop . •