Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 29

Spire Solutions is an information security firm based in Dubai and works with more than 750 companies operating in the Middle East and Africa . The value-added distributor ( VAD ) for information security solutions and services , offers a host of cybersecurity services including technology services , governance , risk and compliance services , SOC and orchestration services , and training services . Recently , the VAD partnered with Group-IB to enhance the Middle East region ’ s enterprises , private and public companies to augment their cybersecurity posture .


Group-IB , a solution provider dedicated to detecting and preventing cyberattacks , identifying online fraud , investigating high-tech crimes , and intellectual property protection , has signed a partnership agreement with Spire Solutions , a Dubai-based value-added distributor operating in Middle East and Africa ( MEA ). The partnership will allow the Middle East region ’ s enterprises , private and public companies to enhance their cybersecurity posture with Group-IB ’ s ecosystem of innovative threat hunting and intelligence , anti-fraud and digital risk protection solutions and award-winning services .

The Middle East and GCC region is home to some of the world ’ s biggest financial and industrial hubs . Naturally , this turns the region into an attractive target for both financially motivated threat actors and APT groups . The GCC ’ s efforts to enhance its cyber resilience requires an industrytailored cyber threat intelligence , digital risk protection and investigation tools . The partnership between Group-IB and Spire Solutions will enable this by providing comprehensive solutions to customers .
In addition , the partnership will allow customers in the region to leverage the full suite of Group-IB ’ s service and product portfolio including its Group-IB Threat Intelligence and Attribution , Threat Hunting Framework , Fraud Hunting Platform , and
Digital Risk Protection solutions . Group- IB ’ s cybersecurity ecosystem and patented innovative technologies help cybersecurity teams consolidate , prioritise , and respond to threats facing their organisations .
Spire Solutions has a proven track record of supporting customers in the MEA market by successfully introducing several new cybersecurity solutions . Serving more than 15 countries in the region , Spire is one of the leading value-added distributors of niche cyber security solutions and services .
“ The Middle East and GCC is one of the fastest-growing and demanding markets striving for continuous improvement in all aspects including government , services , banking with cybersecurity at the forefront ,” commented Ashraf Koheil , MEA Director , Business Development , Group-IB . “ We are excited to be represented by Spire Solutions in the region . The company has a wide network of partners and substantial technical expertise in the region . Spire Solutions ’ wellestablished operations will facilitate Group- IB ’ s efforts to secure an increasing number of companies in the Middle East and GCC region against constantly evolving threats and assist them in adopting a comprehensive cybersecurity approach .”
Rami Refaat , Head , Cyber Threat Intelligence Business Unit , Spire Solutions , said : “ As governments and enterprises in the region fast-track their Digital Transformation journey , these entities are increasingly encountering a growing number of cyber risks , threats and attacks . By joining forces with Group-IB , we aim to deliver comprehensive protection to our customers and build a vibrant regional cybersecurity ecosystem . Spire Solutions partnered with Group-IB owing to its expertise in threat intelligence , detecting and preventing cyberattacks , online fraud and IP protection . Under the distribution agreement , we will promote Group-IB ’ s technologies , help to expand their regional footprint and grow potential business opportunities through our regional sales and marketing expertise , extensive partner network , and strong customer portfolio .”
Through this cooperation , Group-IB and Spire Solutions aim to assist existing and potential customers in the region through threat hunting and intelligence , best-inclass fraud prevention solutions , and highprofile cyber investigations to bolster their digital posture . •
Rami Refaat , Head , Cyber Threat Intelligence Business Unit , Spire Solutions