Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 20

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY pains but also being a trusted technology partner with a modern toolset of solutions to enable customers to progress their transformational strategies with confidence . the 3-2-1-1-0 rule – there should be three copies of data , on two different media , with one copy being off-site , with one copy being offline , air-gapped or immutable , and 0 errors with SureBackup recovery verification . That is customers can keep their data and workloads on-premises , with copies sitting locally or they can utilise local cloud service provider partners and our reseller community to support those strategies . Leveraging the hyper-scalers in the market to assist with archiving of data is also commonplace and today , we are also able to help customers who want a multi-cloud vendor strategy by seamlessly moving workloads from one to the other , with minimal costs while maximising the possibilities .
What is the state of the backup , Disaster Recovery and data protection market in Africa given the ‘ new normal ’ under which enterprises and channel partners are operating ?
More than ever customers need reassurance that their data is safe and protected and that if they need to leverage those workloads that they ’ ve backed up , they can easily do so . With threats of ransomware being part of the ‘ new normal ’ and very much so in Africa , it ’ s become imperative that
customers ensure they have more than just a backup , but that they can recover from any cyberattack , know that they ’ ve scanned the data for any malware before restoring to it and their offsite copy is immutable ( cannot be deleted or changed in any way but can be read and used ).
Across every sector and industry in Africa , organisations are looking to data protection to secure their digital assets , unlock value from data and drive their Digital Transformation efforts . How is Veeam guiding channel partners to ensure they pass this knowledge on to their end-user customers ?
This is a constant priority within IT and the channel . Enablement is key to ensure our channel partners understand and can drive the value we offer to our customers and support the customers with the acquisition and deployment requirements . It also helps them uncover new business opportunities to support customers ’ Digital Transformation strategies more effectively if they understand and can articulate the modern data protection solutions and architectures . As mentioned earlier , we are a driving solutions selling within the channel , so it ’ s about more than just addressing customers ’
For many organisations on the African continent , understanding how to backup , develop a robust Disaster Recovery plan , and protect data and other digital assets remains a huge challenge . How is Veeam helping channel partners and enterprises in Africa to overcome these hurdles ?
Veeam understands the complexities involved in managing data and ensuring its availability under very trying circumstances as a modern data protection vendor with a leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant . That understanding is what guides the solutions that we are constantly forging and bringing to the market in response to market forces and demands . Veeam has invested in a significant workforce locally in South Africa and across the African continent in support of customers and partners , and as a result , we are always available to engage and support the needs of any person or organisation who requires guidance , advice and solutions .
We welcome the opportunity to talk about our areas of expertise and to review customers ’ current strategies to determine if they are aligned with the solutions that we have seen successfully employed to protect customer data from attacks and disasters . We also work with our industry alliance partners to build reference architectures around common security concerns and known threats .
How is Veeam evangelising its solutions offerings to channel partners and enterprises across the African continent ?
We have always been very good at marketing our solutions with our channel and directly to our end-users , but we