Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 44 | Page 21

Given that some companies have adopted a hybrid working model , how is VAD Technologies positioning itself to ensure that businesses in the Middle East market continue to utilise solutions within your stable that support remote working ?
Actually , all our products within the portfolio of offerings we provide to the channel support the new hybrid working model , either by powering up their data centres to be able to work faster or just allowing them to have secure and with no latency remote access . It ’ s actually business as usual , as this is all we have been promoting for years under the mission of Digital Transformation .
Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic , what would you cite as the most challenging issue that your resellers and solution providers are telling you at the moment ?
As I mentioned earlier , the last year produced winners and losers alike , but all facing an issue of the right financial structure to either withstand the sudden loss of business or the unexpected boom of new clients and transactions . Hence , it ’ s always important to not lose time to work on the business fundamentals and basics .
Looking ahead , what will be VAD Technologies ’ focus in 2021 and beyond , and how are you preparing your channel partners for the initiatives you are lining up ?
We are focusing now on bringing AI-based solutions to the market that will support human efficiency . Key trends we see here are AI powered computer vision and communication bots . Furthermore , together with our high-performance data centre solution vendors and channel partners , we