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AFRICA REGIONAL CHANNELS AFRICA A partnership between Blackboard and OneConnect will tackle critical education challenges in Africa. BLACKBOARD AND ONECONNECT COLLABORATE ON EXPANDING EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS ACROSS AFRICA Blackboard, a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement, has partnered with OneConnect, an innovative provider of turnkey technology solutions and services to African organisations. The partnership is defined by a mutual commitment to using educational solutions to deliver tangible and sustainable skills development and education transformation in Africa. “Our goal is to enable institutions to leverage Blackboard’s technologies to empower their students to achieve their learning outcomes through the use of modern technology and to be capable of harnessing the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Rogers Sithole, Group Chairman for OneConnect. “The partnership is built on shared goals and a mutual drive to further education Robert Speed, VP, Blackboard MEA The partnership is built on shared goals and a mutual drive to further education. and empower educators, students and institutions alike.” The collaboration between Blackboard and OneConnect will allow both companies to deliver deeper support and services to the market. For both companies, the goal is to add value to the key stakeholders, working closely with the public and private sector to achieve measurable results Blackboard and OneConnect are committed to customer engagement and experiences are critical to how they measure success. “As a local company, we already have a solid footprint in the market with a satisfied customer base,” added Sithole. “Our customer-centric approach is aligned to Blackboard’s premise as they are a solutions-focused business committed to providing customers with relevant products tailored to their unique circumstances and environments.” With this partnership, the strengths of both organisations are pulled together to deliver relevant education solutions to the market. The product portfolio on offer from Blackboard and the customer service and integration capabilities from OneConnect deliver a solution that embodies both innovation and education. Sithole and his team are set to be the feet on the ground in Africa, engaging with Blackboard customers and ensuring they receive exceptional support and assisting them in resolving any challenges they may be experiencing. “We are delighted to be partnering with OneConnect,” said Robert Speed, Vice President of Middle East and Africa at Blackboard. “Not only do we share a common purpose and have shared goals but we also share a desire to build additional value, support and deliver client success on top of Blackboard’s established presence in South Africa. Together, we are providing key stakeholders with powerful tools and technologies that allow for richer education, inclusion and skills development on the continent.” The partnership will allow for OneConnect to further its ambition to make a lasting impact on education transformation through accessible and innovative education solutions. Using the Blackboard platform, the company will work closely with government and private education institutions to deliver excellence in education for the students and the educators on the continent. • INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 29 31