Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 28

AFRICA REGIONAL CHANNELS AFRICA A new partnership makes it easier for InterSystems customers to integrate insights from DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform into their healthcare applications. DATAROBOT AND INTERSYSTEMS PARTNER TO ACCELERATE AI ADOPTION IN HEALTHCARE InterSystems, a global leader in Information Technology platforms for health, business and government applications, and DataRobot, a leader in enterprise AI, have announced their partnership to accelerate the application of AI in healthcare. The partnership makes it easier for InterSystems customers to integrate predictions and insights from DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform into their healthcare applications by means of an integration and reseller agreement. Henry Adams, Country Manager of InterSystems in South Africa, said: “The DataRobot enterprise AI platform enables automation throughout the lifecycle of AI, accelerating and streamlining every step of the user’s journey – merely from data to providing a form of value. Thanks to this partnership, the enterprise AI platform will be integrated with InterSystems IRIS data platform and InterSystems for Health, the world’s first and only data platform engineered to extract value from the healthcare data available.” “Healthcare is the cornerstone for disruption in ways that benefit patients, providers and payers and AI represents the next frontier,” said Adams. “Our partnership with InterSystems makes it much easier for users to leverage the power of AI to deliver high-quality care, improve patient experience, outcomes and importantly reducing the cost of care upon maximising AI efficiencies.” DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform will augment InterSystems’ IntegratedML, a capability that gives developers access to AutoML capabilities directly from SQL. This allows InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health customers to embed predictions within their existing applications in an intuitive, scalable manner. InterSystems’ technology simplifies the data acquisition and other ‘data wrangling’ while DataRobot’s technology simplifies the entire AI process from feature engineering and modeling to deployment and monitoring. This will accelerate the delivery and time to value of ML/AI capabilities in real-time decisioning applications. Globally, the ball is already in motion It has been reported that not only is InterSystems focused on the 800,000 patients overseas, but also on turning data into insights that can help advance healthcare nationwide and around the world. This has not only been a revolutionary, valuable change to the day-to-day running of the hospital but it is set to put even more powerful tools in the hands of our development staff to create cuttingedge healthcare solutions. This change is widespread and not only impacts healthcare patients but doctors and healthcare practitioners that operate the equipment and make the clinics run as they should. One can only begin to imagine the vast impact this could have on a developing country such as our own, where the need for healthcare is on the rise with increased pressure on the system at current and never declines. • 28