Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 23

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY segment do they want to play? Do they want to be thinking about their own services? How do they want to evolve? “And then, what is the journey that we are going to go on together and what do they require from us? “Be it enablement, be it more best practice sharing with other partners, whether they want to go to our executive briefing centre in Santa Clara where they see other models. “That is one of the things we have been successful on – we are not just trying to paint all of our partners with the same colour but are looking at them individually.” Key priorities for the year ahead The main priority is for everyone to stay safe and in good health. “Those of us that are in good health are complaining a little bit that we are home and that we are bored, but there are a lot of people out there who are fighting for their lives and I think we need to appreciate that and understand that,” Hady said. A second key area, she added, will be to take care of our own mental health, balancing productivity in a home environment with maintaining a personal life. “From a business perspective, I don’t think business is going to be the same – I don’t think things will just go back to normal,” she said. The partnership is not about closing deals only, but about how we are going to face this together. “If we can all work from home, do we really need all the offices? If we can have distant learning and it’s working for some age groups, do we really need to send all children back to school? There is also obviously, and unfortunately, the fear that this might well happen again, so everybody needs to be ready for that. At Aruba, our duty is to stay close to our partners and to our customers who are most probably thinking – how can we avoid this in the future, how can we make sure we enable business continuity regardless of where we work?” Ironically, Hady added, is that last year, the company’s founder stated that 2020 would be the year of the ‘Edge’. “The intelligent-Edge vision that we have in this Edge-to-cloud framework will include a data centre capability that we will call a micro data centre that will be deployed at that point where the data gets created,” she said. “This is the world we are designing for.” • INTELLIGENT INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS TECH CHANNELS Issue 29 23