Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 13

SECURITY NEWS One Identity helps secure critical infrastructure providers transitioning to a remote workforce One Identity is offering all critical infrastructure providers free use of One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions. As emergency services, public health organisations, utilities and other critical organisations rush to enable as many remote workers as possible, best practices for keeping users secure have understandably become an ongoing challenge. To help, One Identity, a proven leader in identity-centred security, is offering free use of One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions for six months to all critical infrastructure providers. Organisations rely on privileged IT users to configure systems and perform vital functions so their enterprises stay up and running. If this privileged access is not controlled as it shifts to remote administration, they will face heightened risk. Unmanaged privileged access opens the door to attackers who can leverage it to steal data or compromise systems. One Identity’s Safeguard for Privileged Sessions enables organisations to reduce this risk by monitoring and managing privileged access without hindering productivity. The solution deploys quickly and mitigates risk of a security breach by monitoring and managing privileged access to an enterprise’s most critical systems. “These are unprecedented times and organisations across all industries are being pushed to adapt quickly with little guidance on how to do so, potentially leaving them vulnerable,” said David Earhart, President and General Manager of One Identity. “At One Identity we want to support those critical infrastructure providers who are being asked to do so much right now, by providing them the privileged access management capabilities they need to keep their systems secure without getting in the way of their essential missions.” To support essential businesses that are working through challenging IT transitions right now, One Identity’s Safeguard for Privileged Sessions will provide numerous benefits: Fast and simple remote deployment: With a rapid appliance-based deployment and simplified traffic re-routing, One Identity Safeguard can have organisations recording and securing sessions in a matter of days without disrupting users. Record and monitor all session activity of remote admins, vendors and contractors: All session activity, down to the individual keystroke, mouse movement and Windows viewed – is captured, indexed and stored in tamper-proof audit trails that can be viewed like a video and searched like a database. Real-time alerting and blocking of potential attacks or rogue users: The solution monitors traffic in real-time and executes various actions if a certain pattern appears. In the case of detecting a suspicious user action, Safeguard can log the event, send an alert or immediately terminate the session. “This offer is an important and valuable addition to the armoury that our customers have to protect themselves as they extend to a more remote working situation,” concluded Andrew Clarke, Global Head of Channel and Alliances, One Identity. “Our talented partners will be able to help critical infrastructure organisations get the most out of the solution, as it does require integration with existing systems to be of benefit to them. Our partners can also step in an provide a managed service approach, too.” • INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 29 13