Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 13

SECURITY NEWS Help AG partners with Okta to empower Middle East businesses H Spire Solutions brings IoT security platform to Middle East elp AG, a leading information security services, consultancy and solutions provider in the Middle East, has announced it has signed a reseller agreement with Okta, a leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, for the region. The agreement strengthens Help AG’s cloud security portfolio by enabling the company to offer the Okta Identity Cloud to its enterprise customers. A recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey discovered that for nearly 75% of organisations, a username and password was the only barrier between a determined attacker and access to their critical resources. “Many of our customers are embracing the cloud and as they do so, they become exposed to entirely new cybersecurity threats. Protecting identity with strong authentication is one of the top priorities for businesses as the cloud enables their employees and customers to connect from anywhere, at any time and via any device,” said Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG. Help AG will locally deliver Tier 1 and Tier 2 support services in the region on behalf of Okta. In addition to reselling the solution and offering value-add services, Help AG intends to leverage the Okta Identity Cloud within its own IT environment to strengthen the security of its cloud services and offerings. This is in line with the company’s ‘Help AG-as-a-Service’ vision. INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 20 Avinash Advani, CEO of Spire Solutions W ith IoT devices fast graduating to the entry point- of-choice for cyberattacks, regional businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to data breaches, unauthorised access to corporate networks, production downtime and subsequent revenue losses. Responding to the growing need for a comprehensive defence system, leading value-added distributor Spire Solutions has partnered with IoT and firmware security solutions provider Finite State to bring its unique, proactive IoT security platform to the Middle East. “The growing deployment of IoT devices within the corporate infrastructure is an asset, of course, but can also scale up risk. Backdoor accounts, software vulnerabilities and poor authentication are common problems. Simply keeping devices updated with manufacturer patches or depending on your enterprise security stack is not always effective,” said Avinash Advani, CEO of Spire Solutions. Matt Wyckhouse, CEO of Finite State, said the Finite State Platform employs national-security grade capabilities to identify and secure IoT vulnerabilities. “With its ability to provide unparalleled visibility into IoT devices, detect and assess risks, isolate attacks and send advance alerts to IT teams, it can be a tremendous asset to businesses in the Middle East. After evaluating its reach and reputation within the region, we believe Spire Solutions is the right partner to help us bring this platform to the Middle East,” he added. ˜ 13