Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 17 - Page 7

ISSUE 17 PUBLICATION Intelligent briefings for Middle East and Africa channel partners LYNCHPIN MEDIA TEAM MANAGING PARTNER Richard Judd +44 7534 132 966 MANAGING PARTNER Stuart Lynch +44 7514 807 117 BUILDING THE INTELLIGENT EDGE CHANNEL Osama AlHaj-Issa Regional Channel Director, Middle East, Turkey, Africa, HPE Aruba Do you have a business case for DevOps? Two sides of unstructured data Private sector lagging in innovation race GEORGE SPAFFORD NIGEL TOZER MIGUEL KHOURI GARTNER COMMVAULT GBM EDITOR’S NOTE T he concept of the intelligent edge of the network is the dominating theme in this issue of Intelligent Tech Channels. According to Osama AlHaj- Issa, Regional Channel Director, Middle East, Turkey, Africa at HPE Aruba, the challenge lies in moving compute power from the centre of legacy networks to the edge of the network. Not only must the edge be made intelligent in terms of decision making but must also be made secure. Along with the digital workplace, the edge of the network has expanded the game. Merely getting users onto the network is now insufficient to generate returns and vendors are looking at making the edge smarter, faster and more self-driving. “The digital workplace is still our top selling go to market, but the game has expanded and the game is now on the intelligent edge. All the focus is now on making the edge smarter; faster. We want this investment to be optimised and to be harnessed and leveraged more, enabling connected cars and artificial intelligence,” says AlHaj-Issa. If a connected car cannot make a decision on the spot, it may be too late to receive a decision from the centre of the network. This is where the inflexion point lies between legacy networks and intelligent networks. As the number of use cases shift the from the centre of the network to the MANAGING EDITOR, EDITOR, INTELLIGENT CIO ME AND INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS EDITOR, INTELLIGENT CIO EUROPE AND ITC CONTRIBUTOR Alix Pressley +44 20 3884 2225 EDITOR, INTELLIGENT CIO AFRICA AND ITC CONTRIBUTOR Paul Rogers +44 20 3890 4084 EDITOR, INTELLIGENT CIO INDIA EDITOR, INTELLIGENT CISO AND ITC CONTRIBUTOR edge of the network, the minimum mass of adoption begins to gather momentum and the migration to intelligent edge networks goes mainstream. Continues Gartner’s Santhosh Rao, businesses can harvest analytics by using sensors at the edge of the network. Currently, 10% of enterprise data is processed outside a datacentre or cloud. By 2022, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 50%. Gartner defines edge computing as solutions that facilitate data processing near the source of data generation. In our Editor’s Comment section, GBM’s Miguel Khouri explains how the private sector in the region can catch up with the public sector in innovation. Having a visionary CIO at the helm, bringing IT into the boardroom, approaching IT fro