Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 17 | Page 28

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY and analysing about what is happening through trends. These devices have a certain behaviour trend. If this changes we spot this trend and we make a decision accordingly. Depending on the severity of the change or the incident we make the appropriate decision,” explains AlHaj-Issa. And this is a direction that Aruba plans to increasingly invest in the coming years. “Building smart intelligent services to ensure that the edge is fully leveraged, secure and agile,” is an area that is justified according to AlHaj-Issa, since it does not need a lot of intervention and cost to keep it healthy and secure. Branch network Another component of Aruba’s investment into the edge of the network is its software defined branch or SDWAN solution, and is part of its bigger strategy around the intelligent edge. As organisations invest significantly and expand their networks, especially wide area networks, the level of security does not scale in the same manner. Aruba’s SDWAN solution is meant to secure the organisation’s branch network, without end-users having to invest in complex networking hardware and software like switches, routers and software subscriptions. It includes security policies, built-in firewalls, quality of service, firewall, deep packet inspection, among others. “With SDWAN we are bringing to these organisations, one solution that will serve 28 for all of their needs. We are innovating and bringing in new solutions. If you take one branch of a distributed organisation our software and application in the SDWAN will make it connected securely,” says AlHaj-Issa. For channel partners, at present there is no certification titled as SDWAN, and channel partners need to certify themselves on the individual specialisations. These include Wireless LAN, Campus Switching, Location Services, and Clear Pass Security. Going forward, Aruba plans to build end-to-end partner certifications to support software defined networking solution, that are part of the next generation networking roll outs, including the intelligent edge. “We are thinking in fiscal 2019 to build some new competencies and new certifications to match these new concepts. The final names and final competencies and certifications are not yet ready. Today, we are certifying our partners on switching and wireless LAN and security. But there will be new competencies and solutions that will make it a full solution competency for partners to deliver A to Z,” explains AlHaj-Issa. Beefing security Increased network connectivity and high-speed networking has enabled mobile workers to log into business networks from anywhere including their homes. While this may have boosted productivity and real-time accessibility, it has vastly increased security threats and vulnerabilities around end-points. Aruba’s networking solutions are therefore building the mobile network and the digital workplace but are also enhancing security around end-points. Legacy networks traditionally boosted security around the datacentre and the hosted applications as the basis for a stable and secure network. But with distributed mobile network users, the real threat is from these end-points, that continue to remain connected to the organisation’s network, gaining entry from multiple local, regional and global access points. Aruba secures the end-points by monitoring user and entity behavior. Anything that is connected to the network, whether PC or phone or IoT device, has a level of security based on where it fits in the organisation’s security policy and must work in harmony with the policy. This approach is part of a conventional cyber security solution. “A lot of the security breaches now come from inside and our focus is on inside threat management and making the house more secure. What we do is we secure all of these end-points. Aruba is seeing the value of not only delivering a mobile network and digital workplace, but also making this secure and self-healing and self-driving. All of these things are part of our strategy in the coming years to secure and make the edge of the network smarter. Security is a corner stone today of our future strategy,” elaborates AlHaj-Issa. While some channel partners are specialised in security and digital workplace and mobility, only a few can do the end-to-end stack of Aruba solutions. Aruba works with all types of channel partners, and depending on their specialisations, delivers solutions best suited for their end customers. But for Aruba today, the game plan remains to convert an increasing number of channel partners to be able to deliver end-to-end intelligent edge solutions.  Issue 17 INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS