Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 17 - Page 17

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY Adding the support of a Security Operations Centre is also now a key priority for the region, for all sizes of organisations. “Whether you are small or big, somehow you need to have this operational security capability in the core to understand how to respond,” Nofal stresses. For larger end user organisations having the Security Operations Centre inhouse or onsite is the preferred option. Recommendations 1. Business services need to be assessed for weaknesses from a people, process and technology perspective. Adopt cloud security technologies which provide visibility, data security, compliance and malware protection. 2. Build and deploy a security strategy for SCADA networks, which is focused on prevention, detection and response. Deploy security operation centres for SCADA networks to provide them with visibility to take appropriate actions. 3. Most breaches occur by compromising the identity of a user and accessing their confidential data. Engage in a holistic approach for data security as well as identity and access management for users and customers. 4. It is not enough to adopt a silo approach without data classification. Use Identity Management as an enabler for business with a seamless experience for customers to add value to your business teams. 5. You cannot fix something you cannot see or are not even aware of. Organisations need the intelligence that they can gather from internal or extern al sources to take quick and effective decisions for responding to incidents or attacks. 6. Integrate security solutions from different vendors to gain maximum insights into your threat dashboards. 7. There is a pressing need for organisations to share their experiences, good or bad, to help each entity prepare better in this constant race against time. 8. Security is a collective responsibility; hence, focus on creating an organisational culture incorporating security, where users are your strength, not your weakest link. 9. Follow a holistic and integrated approach to security. Do not deploy security solutions in silos. 10. Understand all risks associated whether it is people, data or application security. Choose solutions that can integrate with each other to provide maximum visibility at all levels. 11. Organisations need to balance their investment into prevention, detection and response to ensure an effective security strategy execution. 12. A detailed risk assessment should be carried out for cloud as well as legacy SCADA applications. Each brings different dimensions of threats and increases your attack surface.  Source: 7th Edition GBM annual cybersecurity study. 17