Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 17 - Page 11

Commvault driving simplification of solutions for customers and partners
Commvault announced new customer and partner success stories focused on how Commvault has helped them drive simplification , risk reduction and greater data management efficiencies . Recently , the company announced simplified product , pricing , and packaging that makes it easier than ever before to buy , implement and sell Commvault solutions .
“ Commvault has simplified the management of our data , reduced our risk of data loss and downtime , and increased our team ’ s productivity ,” said Michele Buschman , Vice President of Information Services at America Pacific Mortgage . “ With data volumes growing exponentially , cyberattacks on the rise , and several high priority digital transformation projects in progress , we need a powerful , comprehensive and scalable data management solution that enables us to protect our data wherever it resides , reduce time spent on administrative tasks , and activate data for strategic IT initiatives .”
Independent research firm , IDC , recently conducted a random survey across Commvault ’ s worldwide customer base to provide a third-party confirmation of the benefits that Commvault can deliver to customers . A new IDC White Paper , commissioned by Commvault , summarises the results of the survey and further reinforces how the company is helping customers navigate their complex data management challenges .
According to the study , Commvault customers have been able to simplify operations , keep costs in check , and lower risk by reducing downtime and operational exposure . They have been able to achieve these benefits while also improving recovery capabilities and data coverage . Customers have been able to drive value back to their organisations through productivity gains in IT staff and across the organisation . While organisations may look at such savings as an opportunity to improve the corporate bottom line , many Commvault customers are using these freed-up costs and employee hours to become more agile organisations and to focus on more progressive data transformation .
Commvault is also helping partners enable customers with the capabilities they need to address increased compliance regulations and service level agreements . “ As the IDC White Paper ’ s findings indicate , being able to reduce complexity as well as GDPR compliance risk is of tremendous value to our customers ,” said Damon Robertson , Managing Director , COOLSPIRiT . “ When you add these on top of Commvault ’ s ability to increase uptime , simplify data operations and boost productivity , it is easy to understand why Commvault is an important partner for us .”
Brother launches multi-function inkjet printers for Middle East and Africa
Imaging and printing solutions provider , Brother , has expanded its product offering for Middle East and Africa office automation market with the unveiling of its latest series of inkjet printers . Dubbed Inkjet Multi- Function Centres , the new range of office and home printers comes in four exciting models , which include the DCP-T310 print , copy , scan , DCP-T510W and DCP-T710W print , copy , scan with wireless connectivity , and the MFC- T910DW 2-sided print , copy , scan and fax with Ethernet and wireless connectivity . The introduction of the new inkjet printer range into the region is as a result of a steady demand for quality and costeffective office and home printing solutions . The company also reaffirmed its efforts to produce affordable document management solutions for small businesses and home business owners as a top priority .
“ Today ’ s small business and home office owners face a difficult decision when choosing a multi-function centre to suit their needs , often having to compromise between cost-efficiency , print quality , and features ,” said Soichi Murakami , Managing Director , Brother Gulf .
The UAE has been experiencing steady growth over the past few years . In 2015 , IDC reported that the UAE printer market grew by about 4.5 % down from a high of 10 % the previous year and 14 % in 2013 . In terms of value , IDC also reported that the market was valued at over $ 320 million in 2015 up from $ 310 the previous year .
Brother ’ s new Inkjet Multi-Function Centres are now expected to jolt the printer market as more commercial and domestic consumers shift their preference to inkjet printers , which offer high-quality low-cost imaging solutions , effortless user experience , and fast print speeds .
“ We have redesigned our ink tank printer series to deliver greater cost saving , high quality , and ease-of-use to users . We have dedicated ourselves to provide solutions that assist businesses to manage their printing operations cost effectively and improve their work efficiency .” noted Soichi .
The new Brother Inkjet Multi-Function Centres will be available across the Middle East and Africa . The printers can be purchased through Brother International Gulf authorised resellers and retail stores in UAE such as Jumbo , Emax , Sharaf DG , Lulu .
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