Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 17 | Page 41

INTELLIGENT GREEN TECHNOLOGY Getting more from industrial assets GE Power’s edge strategy is driving benefits for its installed base of regional industrial users, explains Bhanu Shekhar. I ndustrial automation and artificial intelligence have been associated together since the 1940s. The concept of applying artificial intelligence, embedded in hardware and software, into industrial and control systems for the purpose of improving productivity as well building modeling techniques is not new. However, in the past, the marriage of artificial intelligence and industrial equipment has been hampered due to a number of limitations. This includes poor quality, over structured, and disconnected streams of data, often at too high speeds of transmission. With slower network speeds in the past, slower computing systems as well, artificial intelligence- based applications, were unable to cope with the volumes of data from traditional industrial systems. Bhanu Shekhar, Chief Digital Officer, GE Power Middle East and Africa, also explains that high fidelity systems that reconfigure asset values within a certain range, to ensure optimum industrial performance, have existed for the last thirty years. But their ability to reconfigure assets based on real-time data transmissions has traditionally been very difficult. Other than the compute and networking device limitations within traditional industrial systems, high fidelity systems from each manufacturer were also unable to talk to each other. Hence, each asset was built to optimise itself based on its range of operating parametres, and was excluded from the operating conditions of the overall industrial equipment or plant. “Traditionally when the plant went live it was using a range of OEM parameters to perform. Industries have been built by using traditional operational processes. How to switch to different models of operation recognising the inputs, existed but not to such an extent. Multiple models built by OEMs were not interacting with each other. Now assets need to be 41